OCR for HR documents

The volume of documents that have to be processed in Human Resources is larger than ever. With our smart data extraction API and SDK, automatically processing resumes, motivational letters, employer statements and many other HR documents just got easy! 

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Send your documents to our HR documents API.
Klippa converts documents to text, classifies the document type, identifies important data fields and converts documents to structured data.
You get all the data you need within seconds.
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Automatic HR documents processing via smart data extraction

When you’re working in Human Resources, all kinds of documents pass through your hands on a daily basis. Think of people applying for a job at your company, this alone comes with a resume, a motivational letter and a copy of an ID for every single applicant. But there are also employer statements, statutory documents, employment contracts and any other number of documents you need to process. Luckily, automated data extraction on HR documents is possible with OCR.

Automated data extraction will speed up your document processing by 90% or more. We can extract any data field on a document and turn it into searchable content. We also validate document quality, in case it concerns security- and ID-related documents.

What are the use cases?

The use cases for OCR on HR documents vary widely. There is no sector for which document processing is not a relevant and useful solution. Any company that processes applications, IDs, legal documents, statutory documents, or any other form of text document will benefit from automation with OCR.

What is the importance of searchable text for HR documents?

Depending on the size of your company, you are bound to process documents in high volumes. The variety of document types will make it difficult for you to quickly navigate and find documents for specific data, personnel, legal requirements or any other data point. Making your documents searchable allows you to quickly find the content you need based on your keywords, regardless of the document type that contains the information. This allows you to have any information on any company document within reach when you need it. Think of all the time this will save you.