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Speed Up Your Approval Management with
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Simplify your expense & invoice approval process with custom business rules and authorization flows within your accounting or ERP software. 
Award-winning financial solution 
Powered by Europe’s #1 OCR technology
Invoice approval

Trusted by 1000+ brands worldwide

Accelerate your Approval Management with AI

Streamline your financial processes using our AI-powered software. Launch a swift approval procedure for you and your employees with Klippa SpendControl.
Expense approval

Ensure Employee Satisfaction 
with Swift Compensations

Uphold policy compliance and block fraudulent expenses! 
Approve expenses via the app or web
Retain 24/7 accessibility in the cloud
Set up smart business rules
Add multi-level approval workflows

Strengthen Vendor Relationships with Timely Payments

Simplify your approval process and prevent invoice fraud
Approve invoices via the app or web 
Add unique authorization flows
Receive automatic reminders
Set mandatory submission fields  
Vendor relationships

Trusted by 1000+ brands worldwide

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Business rules

Streamline The Approval Process with Business Rules 

Level up your approval management through automatic actions!
Automatically approve expenses & invoices of fixed value 
Set mandatory fields for complete submissions
Delegate tasks with authorization flows
Assign business rules with predefined execution order

Why financials choose for SpendControl

correct data extraction with Klippa’s OCR
of time saving on document processing
insight into your operational expenses

Set-up Custom Authorization Flows

Ensure that only authorized employees handle your invoice and expense approvals. 
Link individuals to your business rules for an efficient approval process.
image to text ocr for invoices

Examine submitted expenses & invoices with OCR technology

Klippa’s OCR technology identifies fields such as company name, purchase date, amounts, currency, description, etc.
Depending on the business rules linked to these fields, expenses & invoices could be approved automatically or trigger an authorization flow, as shown in the examples below.
Invoices from frequent suppliers are approved by the financial director
Lunch costs under 5 euros are automatically approved
Expenses with purchase date older than 3 years are automatically denied
Authorization flow

Use multiple-layer transaction approval

Invoices & expenses that are linked to active authorization flows are presented to either one or a group of individuals with approval rights.
You can set hierarchy within an authorized group with the fixed approval order. Without it, transactions will be forwarded to the approvers simultaneously.
Save time with self-learning booking suggestions
Automate part of the approval process
Create rules to enforce your expense policy
Use groups and assign different rights
Transaction approval

Simplify your approval process

Approvers can manually review and grant a status to the submitted documents, depending on the quality and validity of the submission. 
As a manager, you can easily approve expenses in the app or via the web application. Required fields ensure that only complete expenses are submitted for approval.
Mandatory fields ensure a smooth approval process
Distribute claims across folders
ERP booking

Integrate with your accounting or ERP software

The moment a transaction is approved, it can be booked into your accounting software with just one click!
Book your expenses as individual lines or as reports to your accounting or ERP system, including receipts as attachments.
Fully synchronize with your accounting software
Create an overview of costs
Export expenses in different formats

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Automate Document Conversion For Significant Results

Reduce cost
Spend less on processing documents and get rid of manual data entry tasks.
Improve speed
Convert documents within seconds & improve turnaround time with automation.
Minimize errors
Prevent manual errors with automated document conversion solution.
Prevent fraud
Automatically recognize errors, duplicates, and fraudulent documents with AI technology.
“It is extremely pleasant to work together with a party that is as ambitious as we are. The willingness and speed with which Klippa implemented specific modifications for us is impressive.”
Leon Backbier
IT Manager, Banijay Benelux
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to claim expenses obtained in foreign currency?

No problem!

When your employees submit transactions in foreign currency, SpendControl applies auto-conversions through its exchange currency feature

Our system identifies the date of purchase and uses the exchange rate from that day, calculating the equivalent value in your local currency. This streamlined process allows you to reimburse business trip expenses effortlessly.

Can I automate my approval flows?


With SpendControl features like business rules and authorization flows, you can speed up your approval management by assigning the employees in charge or even setting automatic approvals through determined conditions. 

Our Helpdesk articles explain the technicality of authorization flows and business rules for an effortless set-up.

Can I maintain my approval process during the absence of an authorized employee?


Klippa SpendControl is fully customizable. With admin rights, you can always edit the authorization flow that is linked to any business rule in case of a holiday, sick leave, personnel change, etc.  

Our Helpdesk articles illustrate the authorization flow set-up process step by step.

How can I transfer approved expenses to my bookkeeping or ERP software?


SpendControl offers ready to go integrations with most big accounting and ERP systems. Companies that use other accounting and ERP platforms can integrate with SpendControl using an API connection. Besides this we offer intelligent export-import files to create journal entries even without direct API integration.

Check out our direct API integration possibilities here.

Is it possible to modify the active authorization flow if a mistake is found?


We know that no one is immune to a misstep. If an invoice or expense was assigned to the wrong person for approval, a user with a finance or admin role can always manually select a different authorization flow. 

Our Helpdesk articles provide in-depth information on all authorization flow features.