About Klippa

Founded in 2015, Klippa’s goal is to digitize & automate administrative processes with modern technologies. We help clients enhance the effectiveness of their organization by using machine learning and OCR. Since 2015, more than a thousand happy clients have used Klippa’s software solutions. Klippa currently has an international team of 30 people, with offices in Groningen and Amsterdam.


It is our mission to use the very best technology to relieve people from having to do tedious administrative tasks. We make work more enjoyable, we prevent errors and fraud, we reduce costs and we enable organizations to focus on their core business.
1. Entrepreneurial spirit
We promote freedom and responsibility across our organization.
2. We are solution-oriented, not problem-oriented
We believe anything is possible, you just need the time to make it a reality.
3. Learning by doing
We continuously innovate without being scared to fail.
4. It’s all about the team
We believe that teams achieve more than individuals.
5. Continuous improvements
We share a passion to work on solutions that make customers happy.
6. Respect for people and planet
We love to grow, but respect people and nature while doing so.

Our team