About Klippa

Founded in 2015, Klippa’s goal is to digitize & automate administrative processes with modern technologies. We help you enhance the effectiveness of your organization by using machine learning and OCR. Since 2015, more than a thousand happy clients have used Klippa’s software solutions. Klippa currently has an international team of 70+ people, with offices in Groningen, Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Brasov.


It is our mission to use the very best technology to relieve you from having to do tedious administrative tasks. We make work more enjoyable, we prevent errors and fraud, we reduce costs and we enable you to focus on your core business.
1. Entrepreneurial spirit
We promote freedom and responsibility and expect our people to care about our company, product, clients and goals.
2. We are solution-oriented, not problem-oriented
We believe anything is possible, you just need the time to make it a reality.
3. Continuous improvement and learning by doing
We have an urge to continuously improve and learn, without fear of failure. We always go for the best solution.
4. It’s all about the team
We believe that teams achieve more than individuals. We succeed by working together.
5. Integrity and security
We believe in the long term and consider integrity and security a top priority in everything we do.
6. Respect for people and planet
We love to grow, but we respect people and nature while doing so.

Klippa is carbon neutral

“Respect for people and planet” – one of our core values! At Klippa, we want to help make our world sustainable. This already starts with our products. Because they save significantly more paper, which means that fewer trees need to be cut down!  

Last year alone, we offset more than 630 tons of CO₂ and planted over 1000 trees! We do this with the help of “Trees for All”, a public benefit organization from Utrecht, Netherlands. We are proud of our achievement and will continue with this initiative in the coming years.  

Our team

Yeelen Knegtering
Chief Executive Officer
Bart-Jan Maatman
Chief Financial Officer
Jeroen Kant
Chief Commercial Officer
Jeroen Bobbeldijk
Chief Technology Officer
Rick Nieters
Head of Marketing
Robert-Jan Verheggen
Global Growth Director
Martijn Beens
Head of Sales & Partnerships SpendControl
Jaël Oterdoom
Head of Operations
Cecile Komdeur
Office Manager
Wiebren Dijkstra
Head of Sales
Menno Fokkema
Managing Consultant
Tom Oudhuis
Head of Partnerships
Mark Doggen
Lead AI Engineer
Antje Kuilboer-Noorman
Advisory Board Member
Frank Stienstra
Advisory Board Member
Tom Brans
Advisory Board Member
Daan Oosting
Senior Back-end Developer
Wouter Willems
Lead Front-end Developer SpendControl
Laura Kattenbeck
Marketing Lead
Klaas Jelmer Boskma
Head of Engineering
Daan Adrichem
Lead Back-end Developer SpendControl
Nick Swain
Pre-Sales Manager
Robin Wolvers
Account Executive
Kyra van Laarhoven
Lead Video Content
Sander Dudok
Lead Back-end Developer
Andreea Bociu
Front-end Developer
Thorben Sillje
Account Executive
Duy Doan
Owned Media Lead
Katya Tjepkema
Content Marketer
Catalin Radu
PR Lead
Bruna Baudel
Mobile Developer
Stanley Zhou
Sales Development Representative
Jochem Hoogesteijn
Product Owner
Robin van Dijk
Back-end Developer
Andra Ianuș
Data Specialist
Victor Flick
Customer Success Manager
Filipa Fernandez
Account Executive
Boris Almeida
SEO Specialist
Genevieve Nwaojigba
Content Marketer
Alina Pamfile
Data Specialist
Rob Blom
UX/UI Designer
Davis Kezberis
Managing Data Specialist
Julie Chantome
Content Marketer
Nathaniël de Jong
System Administrator
Tim Zuiderveld
AI Engineer
Nick Moesker
Managing Consultant
Andreea Gadea
Data Specialist
Rik Smit
Back-end Developer
Thomas Veldboer
Product Owner
João Gonçalves
Front-end Developer
Mihaela Coltea
Data Specialist
Miruna Pop
Back-end Developer
Jan van der Molen
Front-end Developer
Agata Nicolae
Content Marketer
Arturo Comin
Back-end Developer
Wiebke Eibelshäuser
Content Marketer
Augusto Garcia
Content Marketer
Aksel Reedi
AI Engineer
Tomas Falcao
Developer Intern
Carsten Scheeres
Back-end Developer
Xander Visser
Account Executive
Marran Knol
Graphic Designer
Niels de Jong
AI Engineer
Andreea Maca
Data Specialist
Ivaylo Kulenski
SDR Intern
Anna Rakovska
Content Marketer
Thijs Horstman
Product Owner
Laura Cesana
Partnership Marketer
Max van der Velde
Onboarding & Support Representative
Chiel van Maanen
Sales Intern
Els Boerema
Developer Advocate
Dominik Reetz
Customer Success Manager
Alex Lucassen
AI Engineer
Emelia van der Veer
Marketing Intern
Oliver Strik
Full Stack Developer
Lou van Kooten
Cloud Engineer
Edmond Mitar
Marketing Intern
Wim de Jager
Back-end Developer
Robin Farmer
Lead Mobile Developer
Emeline Dahès
SDR Intern
Jannick Nijholt
Content Marketer
Luc van Kessel
Back-end Developer
Jan Wytze Zuidema
Back-end Developer
Chris van Riemsdijk
AI Engineer
Niels Palmans
AI Engineer
Merlijn van den Berg
Front-end Developer
Chief Distraction Officer