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Klippa Basic
Klippa Basic offers you free scanning and storing of paper receipts in the cloud. The shoebox with paper receipts and invoices belongs now to the past.
Klippa Pro
Organize your financial administration with Klippa Pro. Includes automatic text recognition, which means the end of manual data entry. Easy to share with your account by means of the smart export options.
Klippa Expense Management
Happy employees, less errors and faster processing of business expenses. Submitting a business expense is as easy as making a photo with your smartphone. A digital authorization flow and integration with the accounting system ensures efficient and reliable processing. All receipts, invoices and accompanied audit trails are stored in the cloud. For companies and accountants.

Klippa Invoices Processing

Streamline your invoice processing process.  Collect invoices via e-mail, web and app. Approve in a digital authorization flow and record expenses directly in the accounting system with self learning journal entries. All invoices and accompanied audit trails are stored in the cloud. For companies and accountants.
Klippa OCR API and SDK
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is at the core of our products. Our experience and machine learning framework makes the Klippa OCR the most accurate and fastest in the market. The Klippa OCR can be easily integrated in your (white label) application by using our API or SDK.

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Stop wasting time on submitting business expenses and processing of receipts & invoices. Start saving time with Klippa!

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I am very happy with the integration in my accounting system. Approval and accounting in a few simple clicks!
Sabrina van den Ende
Financial at Columbus.

Klippa is a handy tool to store all my invoices and to keep a clear view of my financial administration.
Frank Verheggen

Great app to submit my business expenses. Saves me a lot of time.
Vi Nguyen
Consultant at Storm Digital

The products of Klippa are easy to integrate with other software by means of APIs or exports.

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Klippa App

 Klippa is your free expense management assistent for digital receipts. With Klippa you will never lose a receipt again, are able to keep track of your expenses and have access at any time at any place. Sharing your receipts with friends, family or colleagues is very easy. Are you a business user? Take control over your financial administration or reimbursements with Klippa Pro. Organizations can use the Klippa Expense Manager or Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

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