It’s no secret that document management plays an important role in every organization, and yours might be no exception. To seamlessly organize your business’s digital documents, you’re thinking of employing a document scanning software to automate the task for you. But what makes a document scanning software stand out from another? 

The reason why using document scanning software became so popular, is due to the OCR technology being leveraged to turn images of scanned documents into structured data. Besides its capabilities to digitize documents and create a smooth document management system, a document scanning software should reduce the manual workload of your teams and maintain accuracy while doing so. 

We know that finding the best document scanning solution for your business is easier said than done. But that’s what we’re here for, to guide you in making the best choice and ensure you don’t compromise on quality. 

In this blog, you will get an overview of what you should look for in a document scanning software, as well as the 7 best solutions on the market.

  1. Klippa DocHorizon
  2. Nanonets 
  3. Tungsten Automation 
  4. ABBY FineReader
  5. AdobeScan
  6. Laserfiche
  7. PaperScan 

What to Look for in a Document Scanning Software

While the ability to scan and digitize documents is the main focus of such software, you can’t overlook other factors, such as the user experience or output quality. Keep in mind some of the most important features to look for in a document scanning software:

  • Wide document coverage: Having the ability to capture data from multiple document types allows you to improve multiple areas within your organization. For instance, invoice scanning or processing for accounts payable, receipts for expense management, or ID cards, passports, and driver’s licenses for KYC processes ensures a safe and secure business environment. 
  • Integrations: It is important to opt for a scanning software that can be integrated with all your existing applications such as accounting software or ERP system. This makes the scanning process smoother, as the ability to convert the extracted data to various forms that can be processed by the ERP system for instance, prevents any mishaps from occurring.
  • OCR accuracy: A low or average level of OCR accuracy can create even more obstacles for businesses, as you will have to spend additional time further correcting the incorrect data. On the other hand, high OCR accuracy can drastically improve the speed and quality of your information extraction process. 
  • Batch processing: Being able to scan multiple documents simultaneously saves your organization a large amount of time, otherwise used on small and rather mundane tasks. Implementing a document scanning software that lets you upload and process documents in batches improves your turnaround time and eliminates needless delays. 
  • Image processing: The capacity of a document scanning software to process images is a great attribute when it comes to scanning identity documents for instance. The ideal software is powered by AI, giving you the possibility to enhance the captured image quality with pre-processing features, such as dealing with low-light situations, uncropped images or skewed images. 
  • Ease of implementation: A smooth implementation of the software is just the first step to achieving the desired efficiency of your document workflow. A document scanning solution, paired with the proper documentation, gives your business the possibility to add this feature to any mobile application that you might already use in your organization.

Now that you know what you should keep an eye out for, let’s talk about some of the best software for document scanning on the market.

The 7 Best Document Scanning Software

In this section, you will get an overview of the 7 best document scanning solutions of 2024, which facilitate decision-making for your business and jumpstart your automation journey. 

1. Klippa DocHorizon

Klippa DocHorizon is an AI-powered intelligent document processing solution that is made to facilitate your business processes. It helps your business enhance the quality of all document-related workflows, allowing you to scan and process documents smartly and efficiently. Be it invoice scanning or identity document processing, Klippa DocHorizon fulfills all criteria.


  • High OCR accuracy (up to 99% accuracy)
  • Intuitive low to no-code platform 
  • Real-time user feedback when scanning documents 
  • Ability to scan all types of documents
  • Extraction of data within seconds 
  • Ensured GDPR compliance for safeguarding clients’ data privacy 
  • Easy to implement, thanks to thorough documentation
  • Image enhancement and auto-cropping for smoother image processing 
  • Signature & Image Extraction


  • Only supports the Latin alphabet 
  • No document generation options

2. Nanonets

Nanonets is an easy-to-use, straightforward document-scanning software provider. It uses high-accuracy OCR to extract data from paper documents and can be integrated into your existing applications via API.


  • Data extraction from PDFs, emails, images, tables, and websites 
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Variety of customization options 
  • End-to-end document management system
  • Good customer support


  • No document generation options 
  • Cannot be used for e-signing documents

3. Tungsten Automation

Tungsten Automation, formerly known as Kofax, streamlines document processing, allowing your business to improve the speed and quality of all document flows. While Tungsten Automation is a suitable option for businesses wishing to customize their document management system, it comes with certain limitations.


  • Easy setup
  • Great documentation verification system 
  • 100+ integration connectors 
  • Option to customize the solution based on the particular needs of a company 
  • Enhances image quality, crops it, and straightens it before data extraction processes


  • Low OCR accuracy
  • Does not detect handwriting 
  • No data privacy and security measures 
  • Unsatisfactory user experience

4. ABBY FineReader

ABBY FineReader offers an AI-powered OCR SDK designed to streamline document management systems. It uses a high-accuracy OCR for precise data extraction, while also allowing for image pre-processing.


  • High accuracy OCR 
  • Detailed documentation for streamlined integration 
  • Advanced image pre-processing 
  • Document classification for enhanced document management 


  • Cannot process documents in batch 
  • Lack of data privacy and security measures 
  • No user feedback

5. AdobeScan

Adobe Scan app is a useful tool that helps business professionals scan day-to-day documents, such as receipts or business cards. Its OCR technology creates a smooth data extraction process, allowing the user to further safely store the scanned documents.


  • Scan and convert documents, business cards, forms and whiteboards
  • Good image pre-processing 
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Safe storage of scanned documents for secure use of data 
  • Customized document storing and filing for easier access 


  • Scanned documents are only converted into PDF extension
  • Small variety of documents available for processing
  • Lack of user feedback and customer support

6. Laserfiche

Laserfiche provides a file scanning option that allows for intelligent data capture and automated document management. This software offers the option to create a centralized and searchable database for scanned documents, enhancing organization levels.


  • Easy documentary management features 
  • Creates a centralized, searchable database for the user 
  • Captures data from electronic forms, paper documents, emails 


  • Inability to upload and process documents in batch 
  • Unclear documentation 
  • Functions with third-party support
  • Limited workflow capabilities

7. PaperScan 

PaperScan software for document scanning is a basic document management solution, streamlining document processing operations. It comes with a free or premium version, displaying a series of different features.


  • Batch-processing documents
  • Image pre-processing 
  • Document and image annotation 
  • Document encryption
  • Offline version of software also available


  • Unsatisfactory user experience 
  • Average OCR accuracy 
  • Only supports a small number of languages 
  • Limitations to batch-processing when using the free version 
  • No documentation available 
  • Lack of data privacy and security measures

There are many viable options for document scanning solutions nowadays. However, only the best will help you make a difference in your organization. With Klippa DocHorizon, you don’t have to worry that you made the wrong choice.

Automate Document Scanning with Klippa 

Klippa DocHorizon is a no-code platform, which gives you the ability to automate the entire document processing flow, from scanning to extracting data to archiving the data, all in one solution. With this IDP solution, you can do more than just scan documents, as it gives you the ability to:


Step-by-step Guide on How to Implement Klippa for Automating Document Scanning

Step 1: Evaluate your document scanning requirements and goals.

Step 2: Sign up to the platform using your business credentials.

Step 3: Create your custom workflow for document scanning.

Step 4: Verify data extraction results and add Human-in-the-Loop configuration if needed.

Step 5: Classify and organize the scanned documents securely for easy access.

Step 6: Monitor and maintain the development of the flows for optimal performance.

Make document scanning easy and enjoyable for your entire organization. If Klippa Dochorizon piqued your interest, contact our experts to get personalized advice, or book a demo down below!

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