Klippa SpendControl

Spend Management Software & Company Credit Cards

Give your team real-time visibility, save costs and speed up your accounting with Klippa. Klippa automatically captures 95% of receipts and processes your monthly finances up to 4x faster.
ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
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One Spend Solution, 3 Modules

Klippa SpendControl offers a digital solution for processing, approving and archiving expense claims and invoices. The solution includes three modules for expense management, invoice processing and business expense cards. The expense management and invoice processing modules can be used together or separately.
OCR software
Expense Management

Gain Full Control over Your Expenses

Easily submit expenses in 3 simple steps
Advanced approval processes with business rules
Efficiently manage expenses in an intuitive dashboard
Prevent errors and fraud with built-in analytics
OCR software
Invoice Processing

Effortlessly Process Invoices with Automated Invoice Processing

Approve invoices anywhere via mobile app or web app
Save more than 70% on your invoice processing process
Say goodbye to manually entering invoices
Integrate with various accounting and ERP systems
OCR software

Ensure Optimal Cost Management with Klippa’s Business Credit Cards

Corporate credit cards for your employees
No more out-of-pocket expenses
Easily manage your cards in your own dashboard
Physical and virtual cards for every need
OCR software

Why Financial Teams Choose Klippa SpendControl

correct data extraction by Klippa’s OCR
of time saving on processing
insight into your operational expenses

Effortlessly Manage your Finances in a User-Friendly Dashboard

Display your financial data in one intuitive dashboard
Track expenses, statuses and financial trends at a glance
Access your dashboard via the mobile or web app
Real-time data to make informed decisions
OCR software

Provide Easy and Secure Access with User Management System

Centralized management for secure user authentication
Full control over user rights and access levels
Easily and securely grant access to the right people
SCIM protocol to synchronize data with systems
OCR software

Offer an Expense Management Solution in Your Own Corporate Style

Customized solution for an unique experience
Premium design with endless possibilities
Built-in OCR with the highest recognition rate
Full training to do your own onboarding and support

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Join 1000+ Other Brands in Automating Your Workflows

Klippa allows us to digitally register, approve, and process expenses and invoices in one user-friendly cloud environment.
Tim Lorijn
Financial Director @Label A
With Klippa, we now save 90% in turnaround time and give the finance department more control over the expense management process.
Leon Backbier
IT Manager @Banijay Benelux
Employees can now submit their claims directly via the app. Managers approve them, and finance ensures proper receipt allocation.
Hendrik Wimmenhove
Finance Manager @Accenture

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Klippa SpendControl have authorization workflows?

Klippa SpendControl is equipped with multi-level authorization flow capabilities and business rules

After an expenses is submitted, it automatically passes to the assigned manager for approval. An approved claim ends up with the finance department who handle the processing and payment. 

Want to create more specific workflows? That’s supported too! For example, you can specify that parking tickets under 5 euros are always approved or that a claim over 1000 euros goes past the manager and the CFO.

How quickly can Klippa be implemented?

With Klippa you are live with an average of 2 weeks. A product specialist helps to set up the authorization flows with the relevant smart business rules, we add all users, set their rights, link with the administration and do the rest of the account setup. 

After the account is fully set up, the product specialist will provide a good knowledge transfer to the people who will be working with Klippa so that you will be able to make the software your own. 

This means that you will be able to create your own business rules, set up authorization flows, add users and set their rights, manage the connection, etc. 

On top of that, Klippa can also synchronize your user management data via our user management integrations for an even better experience. 

Does Klippa support cost centers, cost carriers, and/or projects?

Yes, Klippa supports all the above. 

Klippa synchronizes seamlessly with your accounting or ERP system. All the relevant data is added to your system in place in seconds and shows the same naming convention as used in your accounting system. 

Where can I download the Klippa SpendControl app?

Since the Klippa SpendControl app is available for both Android and iOS, you can find the application in the Google Playstore or Appstore. 

Easily download the app, login to your personal dashboard, and you’re ready to go. 

Can Klippa SpendControl integrate with my accounting or ERP system?

Integrating is no secret to Klippa. Klippa has acquired several software partners over the years. We do this through API integrations.

We currently have integrations with NetSuite, Exact, Xero, SAP and more integrations. More information about the integrations can be found on the integration page.

Is your accounting or ERP system not on this page? No worries, we can integrate with every accounting system via smart export import files.