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Save time on your expense claim and invoice (AP) processing with Klippa SpendControl. A highly efficient software solution, available via web and mobile app. Powered by AI.

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Reduce cost
Spend less on processing and verifying expenses and invoices in your workflows.
Improve speed
Process expenses and invoices automatically within seconds to improve turnaround time.
Reduce errors
Prevent manual errors with automated expense and invoice verifications.
Prevent fraud
Automatically recognize errors, duplicates and fraudulent expenses and invoices.
One Spend Solution, 2 Modules
Klippa SpendControl offers one digital solution for managing business expenses and processing purchase invoices. It consists of two modules, which can be used separately or combined, and can be fully customized according to your needs.
Klippa Expense Management
Happier employees, fewer errors and faster processing of business expenses. Submitting an expense is as easy as taking a photo with your smartphone. A digital authorization flow and integration with your accounting system ensures efficient and reliable processing. All receipts, invoices and accompanied audit trails are stored in the cloud for companies and accountants.

Klippa Invoice Processing

Streamline your invoice processing process. Collect invoices via email, web and app. Approve in a digital authorization flow and record expenses directly in the accounting system with self-learning journal entries. All invoices and accompanied audit trails are stored in the cloud for companies and accountants.

Easy to integrate with the software that powers your business

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A fully customizable solution

The Klippa SpendControl solution consists of two modules: Expense Management & Invoice Processing. Both modules have unique features and can be fully customized according to your needs.
Convert foreign currencies based on a daily rate or set your own rate.
Claim your travel expenses with our Google Maps integration.
Save time using booking suggestions in your accounting package.
Use groups to give employees different types of user rights.
Synchronize relations, cost centers, cost carriers and VAT codes from your accounting system.
Have employees use categories, projects or cost centers to structure the expense process.
Gain insight in costs, categories, cost centers, projects, departments and periods.
Export to formats such as XLSX, CSV, UBL and PDF.
Prevent fraud with automatic detection of duplicate claims.
Set rules and policies for business expenses and automate the approval process.
Built-in optical character recognition (OCR) puts an end to manual data entry.
Employees can order their business expenses in folders and categories by using labels.
Change currencies based on a daily rate or set your own rate.
Import creditors, cost centers and VAT codes from your accounting system.
Save time with the Klippa self-learning journal entries.
Use groups to give employees different types of user rights.
Prevent errors and fraud with automatic detection of duplicate invoices.
Get actionable insights in the status of invoices and the average processing time per employee.
Gain insights in the costs of departments, cost centers, projects and periods.
Export invoice data to formats such as XLSX, CSV, UBL and PDF.
Split invoices with the handy document splitter.
Perform bulk tasks for invoices with similar conditions.
Always have a streamlined process and accurate payment of creditors.
The invoices and audit trails are stored in the cloud for 10 years, available to auditors.
Companies that use Klippa SpendControl save time, reduce cost and prevent fraud. Are you ready to improve?

Over 25.000 happy users

Our Finance department is saving one day per week, which they now spend on our core business instead of on invoice management.
Wilma van Ekris
Finance Manager CROP

The cloud environment is very user-friendly and our invoicing process has become much more efficient.
Tim Lorijn
CFO Label A

The new tool had to adapt to our flow and integrate with both our salary administration and legal software. Luckily, Klippa had the solution.
Geert Jan Veldthuis
Finance Manager Trip Law

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add business expenses and invoices to Klippa?
It’s as easy as 1-2-3
Klippa supports a variety of ways to add expenses and invoices.

You can submit business expenses and invoices 24/7 by using the mobile app, website or email. It’s as easy as taking a picture with your smartphone.

Invoices are mostly received by e-mail, which is why we create a unique Klippa email to which you can forward your emails.

All data will be extracted from the scan, e-mail or attachment(s) and added to the Klippa dashboard.

Do you have expenses or invoices stored on your computer? That’s not a problem! Just add them manually to Klippa.
Does Klippa have a mobile application?
Yes we do. Klippa has a mobile app for both Apple and Android. The Klippa App can be used to scan and approve expenses and invoices on the go. You will find the assigned documents in your to-do list of the app.
Does Klippa support multiple administrations?
Yes, Klippa supports multiple administrations. Actually, there is no limit on it. 

With an API integration we sync your available administrations in Klippa. A different route is that we run separate imports.
Is it possible to download reports or files?
Creating reports and exporting them in a preferred file is not an issue. 

You can create your own template in PDF, XLSX, CSV, and UBL. We also offer statistics for management purposes in the Klippa dashboard.
Does Klippa have an API to develop my own integration?
Yes, we do! 

The Klippa API can be integrated into any bookkeeping system that you may be using. 

It is made in a developer-friendly way, so that you can easily integrate components into existing software. It is well documented, so that your developers will have all the information they need to successfully implement the API.

We already have integrations with software such as Sage, Quickbooks, SAP and many more.
Does Klippa offer approval workflows?
Yes, we offer multi-level approval flows
Klippa uses a multi-level approach for expense claim and invoice approvals. 

A submitted document is automatically assigned to one or multiple manager(s). After approval, the documents are forwarded to Finance for further processing. 

Klippa also offers custom flows. This makes it possible to auto-approve certain expenses or assign an extra approver for certain invoices.
Does Klippa apply text recognition (OCR)?
Yes, we do!
We apply text recognition with the highest recognition rate possible. The technique we use is OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition. 

After each scan we extract the data within seconds including: 

– The merchant name
– The invoice/purchase date
– The total amount
– The VAT percentages
– The VAT amounts
– The currency

For invoices, we also extract:
– The invoice date
– The invoice number
Can I integrate Klippa with my accounting or ERP system?
Yes, over the years Klippa has become software partners with a variety of accounting and ERP systems. 

In many cases there is an API integration, which syncs the data both ways. Klippa also offers intelligent export/import files to create your journal entries.
How does the implementation work?
Klippa is plug & play! 

Our helpdesk articles will guide you in setting up in your account. Would you rather get help from a product specialist? That’s not a problem, we can have your account set up in 48 hours.

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A highly efficient expense management and invoice processing solution

Did you know that companies on average spend around 52 euros on processing expense claims and invoices? Automating these processes saves companies piles of money. Not just that, we can actually speed up document processing by up to 70%.

With Klippa Expense Management, employees can submit their expenses by scanning a receipt or invoice with their smartphone. Our automatic text recognition technology (OCR) recognizes all important data, such as the merchant, total amount and applicable VAT. The digital authorization flow ensures an efficient authorization process for the management team. The integration with the accounting system ensures reliable accounting for the finance department.

Klippa Invoice Processing helps you to automatically process purchase order (PO) invoices. You and your team will save up to 70% in processing time. With Klippa you get a clear overview of the status of invoices, you will notice fewer mistakes such a paying the same invoice twice and you are never late with paying approved invoices again. The latter will ensure your suppliers stay happy.

Both modules can be used separately or combined, and can be fully customized according to your needs.