Intelligent Document Processing Platform For Document Workflow Automation

A cloud-based Intelligent Document Processing platform to minimize the time and money you spend on complex document processing workflows. 

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No-Code Document Workflow Automation

Simply use the drag and drop feature to create your very own document pipeline with our low-code platform.
Save time on building complex document processing systems
Unify data across systems to simplify your workflow
Set up your authorization flow to stay in control
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Build Your Own Document Processing Models

Create models from the ground up or develop one by leveraging our constantly expanding model library.
Seamless data annotation with human-in-the-loop
Cut the data annotation time with active learning through AI
Process your own custom data fields on complex documents
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Conveniently Access Klippa’s APIs On One Platform

Forget about the hassle of connecting a set of APIs separately, and do it easily within one platform.
Central access to all of Klippa’s APIs for document processing
Create your own API by combining various functionalities
Integrate easily with third-party software applications
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OCR software

Add Human-In-The-Loop To Ensure Precision

Combine human expertise with automation whenever needed to enhance the accuracy of your document processing tasks.
Setup the triggers and rules for human reviews
Guarantee precision in data extraction and verification
Ensure regulatory compliance with human validation

Integrate With The Tools You Know With Ease

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Platform Feature Details

Simple drag and drop workflow builder
Async APIs for more optimized workflows
One click integration with various software
Prompt builder for customized data extraction
Multiple data capture APIs on one platform
Access control for easier workflow management
Toolkit to retrieve, merge, split, and extract documents
Create your own document workflow API
Human-in-the-loop review system for higher precision
Pay-as-you-go model with easy credit top up
Model builder to build models (coming soon)
Data annotation with human-in-the-loop (coming soon)

Connect Our Platform to Your Applications

Make AI-powered document processing suite part of your workflow by easily integrating a custom API into your software or application. Designed to be developer-friendly.

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started? 

You can get started by simply signing up for to the platform using your business email. You will be provided with credits to try different functionalities of the DocHorizon platform. 

Once you have succeeded in creating an account, we recommend you to take a look at the walkthrough of our platform

Which integrations do you support? 

In general, Klippa can be integrated into any software system using API, which you can create using the platform.

Klippa’s intelligent document processing cloud-based platform offers integrations with various ERP providers, document management systems, email services, accounts payable software, databases and more. 

Visit our integrations page to see more! 

What are the costs of using the platform? 

You are offered with the option to try it for free with €25.00 worth of free credit. The costs of using the platform depends on your use as you can pay as you go. You can top up your credits whenever you need.

At the end of each invoicing month, you will be billed of the usage.

Does Klippa have documentation? 

Yes! Since Klippa DocHorizon was built by seasoned developers, we know the importance of good documentation.

We offer extensive documentation of our platform as well as both APIs and SDKs for a seamless implementation. 

What about privacy and security?

By default, Klippa does not store any customer data. Data is always processed under a data processing agreement (DPA) and all service from Klippa are compliant with GDPR. 

All data transfer is done via secure SSL connections. Our servers are ISO-certified and by default are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Getting a custom server on a location of choice is possible in any location worldwide. 

On a regular base, our security is tested via third-party penetration testing to ensure state-of-the-art security at all times.