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Invoice Processing

A fully digital invoice processing process including OCR, mobile and web application, approval workflows, and integration with your accounting system.
Award-winning solution for financials
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Digital invoice processing, how does it work?

From submitting digital invoices to booking into your ERP system, in Klippa SpendControl everything can be customized to your needs.

Submit your invoices via app, web, or mailbox

Submit your invoices via the mobile app, web environment, or automatically forward them to your Klippa mailbox. Each option features Klippa’s proprietary OCR technology.  
Book multiple invoices with the same characteristics in bulk
Exchange currency using the daily rate or set your own rate
Split or merge multiple invoices

OCR extracts data and fills in recognized fields automatically

OCR helps with populating recognized fields such as relationships, invoice number, invoice date, total amount, VAT amount, and currency.
Save more than 70% on your invoice processing process
Eliminate endless manual retyping of invoices
Built-in recognition of duplicate and fraudulent invoices

Authorize with multiple approval layers

Authorization flows give you advanced approval options with variable or fixed approval sequences.
Save time through self-learning suggestions
Create rules around processing policies
Automate part of the approval process
Use groups and assign different rights

Approve your invoices

As a manager, you easily approve expenses in the app or via the web application. Required fields ensure that only complete expenses are submitted for approval.   
Approve invoices anywhere with via mobile or web app
Mandatory fields ensure a smooth approval process
Insight into costs by category, person, cost center, etc.

Integrate with your accounting or ERP system

Your invoices are added to your to-do list. Then, book your invoices to your accounting or ERP system using the same booking logic as your system.
Synchronize dimensions equal to your accounting system
Export invoices in different formats
Available in the cloud for 10 years for possible audits

Why financials choose for SpendControl

correct data extraction by Klippa’s OCR
of time saving on processing
insight into your operational expenses
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Automate your invoice processing process

Watch the video to see how you can easily automate your invoice processing process with Klippa SpendControl

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Invoice processing pricing

At Klippa, we believe in transparent pricing models, which are aligned with the needs of our clients. No unpleasant surprises afterwards!
Do you need larger packages or custom features? Contact us for a quote!

For companies that process up to 4.000 invoices yearly with up to 10 users.

For companies that process up to 12.000 invoices yearly with up to 30 users.

A fully customized AP solution that is designed and tailored to your needs.
€95/ month
€275/ month
Custom pricing
Compare the features
The best OCR technology of Europe
Send in invoices via e-mail, web and app
Storage in the cloud
Robotic accounting with self-learning booking suggestions
Digital approvals with standard bookkeeping system – From €50 per month
Integration with standard bookkeeping system – From €50 per month
Integration with ERP system – From €100 per month
Process extra invoices – From €0.28 per invoice
Automatic fraud detection
Custom connections and access to the Klippa API
Matching of purchase orders to invoices with the Klippa API
User sync, Single sign-on and/or 2FA
Custom SLA
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Join 1000+ Other Brands in Automating Your Workflows

Klippa allows us to digitally register, approve, and process expenses and invoices in one user-friendly cloud environment.
Tim Lorijn
Financial Director @Label A
With Klippa, we now save 90% in turnaround time and give the finance department more control over the expense management process.
Leon Backbier
IT Manager @Banijay Benelux
Employees can now submit their claims directly via the app. Managers approve them, and finance ensures proper receipt allocation.
Hendrik Wimmenhove
Finance Manager @Accenture

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add my invoices to Klippa?
Klippa supports a variety of ways to add invoices. Most companies receive their invoices in an inbox, which is why we created a unique Klippa email to which you can forward your emails. All data will be extracted from the email or attachment(s) and added to the Klippa dashboard. Do you have invoices stored on your computer? That’s not a problem! Just add them manually to Klippa. In case you receive invoices on paper, just use the Klippa App to scan the file. 
Does Klippa support multiple administrations?
Yes, Klippa supports multiple administrations. Actually, there is no limit on it. With an API integration we sync your available administrations in Klippa. A different route is that we run separate imports.
Does Klippa apply text recognition (OCR)?
Yes, we do! We apply text recognition with the highest recognition rate possible. The technique we use is OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition. After each scan we extract the data within seconds including:
– The merchant name
– The invoice date
– The total amount
– The VAT percentage
– The VAT amount 
Is it possible to download reports or files?
Creating reports and exporting them in a preferred file is not an issue. You can create your own template in PDF, XLSX, CSV, and UBL. We also offer statistics for management purposes in the Klippa dashboard.
How do the approval workflows work?
Klippa uses a multi-level approach for approving invoices. You can create fixed approval flows in the settings as well as assign invoices to flows once they come in. Depending on your user rights in Klippa you can do specific tasks such as record invoices in your accounting system. 

Would you like to set up specific workflows? That’s not a problem. Klippa can help you route invoices to the right approver(s).
Does Klippa have a mobile application?
Yes, Klippa has a mobile app for both Apple and Android. The Klippa App can be used to scan and approve invoices  on the go. You will find the assigned invoices in your to-do list of the app.
Can I integrate Klippa with my accounting or ERP system?
Yes, over the years Klippa has become software partners with a variety of accounting and ERP systems. In many cases there is an API integration, which syncs the data both ways. Klippa also offers intelligent export/import files to create your journal entries.
How does the implementation work?
Klippa is plug & play! Our helpdesk articles will guide you in setting up in your account. Would you rather get help from a product specialist? That’s not a problem, we can have your account set up in 48 hours.