Real time data extraction with the Klippa OCR SDK for iOS and Android mobile devices. It is easy to implement and maintain, and it is trained frequently to maintain its high level of accuracy. 

What is the Klippa OCR SDK?

The Klippa OCR SDK, which is short for Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit, is developed to improve project efficiency and reduce development time. It allows you to automatically extract data from the scanned document. 

The scanner detects and scans the document, after which the camera optimizes the quality. It optimizes brightness, enhances grayscale and detects the edges of the document. Once it’s finished, the SDK takes over and extracts the data from the optimized scan.
Fast processing with the SDK OCR
Real time OCR in your applications with the Klippa camera and OCR SDK. Crop receipts, invoices, contracts and passports, send them to our cloud OCR API and receive structured data within a few seconds. 
fast processing with the OCR SDK
Implementation of the SDK
The Klippa OCR SDK is available for Native iOS Swift and Native Android Kotlin. The actual implementation is very simple. Information about the implementation for Android and iOS can be found in the Klippa documentation. Your developer gets you up and running within a day!  
Easy OCR SDK implementation
A continuously improving accuracy level
The OCR is continuously trained to maintain a high level of accuracy. In constant exercise on many different types of documents, it supports an ever-growing panel of documents and continuously improves in quality. 
improving accuracy level of the OCR SDK for iOS and Android

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Features and benefits of the optical character recognition SDK

Time-saving and accurate data extraction
Data extraction in less than one second
High level of accuracy thanks to machine learning and AI
No more repetitive tasks such as manual data entry and extraction
Improves the speed of document processing and gains performance
Detailed SDK documentation and support
Sample code library
Easy to integrate with other software packages
Fast and easy integration of the Klippa OCR by using the SDK
Submit and receive flexible inputs and outputs
No more manual data processing of passports, receipts and invoices

Pricing of the Klippa OCR software development kit 

The cost of our OCR SDK consists of an annual license fee for implementing the SDK, plus an hourly rate for any support needed in implementing the SDK. Since costs vary per project, we are happy to discuss this with you and provide you with a quote specifically for your project. As an indication you can assume that the basic licensing costs of the OCR SDK are between €5.000,- and €10.000,- per year. 

Costs vary depending on additional feedback. For example, the scanning SDK can be used to scan documents and crop them from the background. The scanner SDK features real-time feedback. For example to indicate if the user is too far away from the document, or if the environment is too dark to take a good picture.  

Link the SDK to the cloud based OCR API

It is possible to link the Klippa Camera SDK to Klippa’s cloud based OCR API. After scanning of the document, a request is handled through the API and the JSON response is returned to the application. 

In some cases it is also possible to implement on-device OCR into the camera SDK. This is a custom addition, so in that case a serious extra investment must be taken into account.
The Klippa OCR SDK puts an end to manual data processing of receipts, invoices, contracts and passports!

Frequently Asked Questions

What programming languages are supported for the SDK?
The SDK supports any platform that supports Native elements.  
Is there any SDK documentation?
Yes, there is SDK documentation available. Please check our open SDK documentation for the latest version.
Is it possible to test the OCR SDK?
Because we believe that seeing is believing, it is possible to test the Klippa SDK. Please get in touch to learn more and to get your license to test the SDK. 
What’s the difference between the SDK and the REST API?
The difference between the REST API and SDK is quite simple. 

The API is the service of sending a document and receiving structured data back within seconds. The SDK includes a camera module, which helps to take a high quality picture. 
How does the SDK pricing work?
Our pricing varies per project. The actual cost of the SDK consists of an hourly rate for the support that’s needed while implementing the SDK and an annual license fee for the implementation. 

We are happy to discuss the pricing of the OCR SDK with you and provide you with a specified quote for your project.   
Please feel free to ask all your questions. 
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