How WeClapp Automates 90% of Business Invoices and Receipts with Klippa

Discover how the German accounting software company significantly improved its turnaround time and efficiency by using Klippa DocHorizon.
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About WeClapp

WeClapp is a German company offering intelligent cloud ERP systems. Be it CRM, accounting, or bookkeeping, WeClapp makes it their mission to facilitate daily business processes for small and medium-sized companies, all with one software. 

Since 2008, the company has helped more than 4000 organizations simplify their financial tasks, by implementing their software. However, even the best companies need some help themselves. While they were able to offer aid to their customers, WeClapp needed a well-performing OCR solution, to add even more value to their solution. 

WeClapp’s Challenge

While WeClapp was indeed streamlining document processing for their customers, the key player was missing, namely an accurate OCR solution that would make the difference in reading and extracting data. Without it, the German company struggled with:
Low accuracy in information extraction from invoices and receipts
A time-consuming process of classifying and sorting documents
Manually extracting data from email contents and attachments
Costly tasks of correcting human errors in data capture  
While these factors might not seem harmful at first sight, they do pose a big challenge in the long run. Timely, and especially costly issues can negatively impact any organization, which is why WeClapp decided to opt for using Klippa.

Overcoming Obstacles with Klippa

WeClapp needed a powerful and capable OCR solution that accurately identified and extracted data from their financial documents. After analyzing and comparing the best OCR providers on the market, the company chose to employ Klippa’s AI-powered OCR. Besides the high data extraction accuracy and the reliable onboarding, our document classification and email automation possibilities appealed even more to WeClapp. 

With Klippa’s OCR solution, WeClapp automated document processing for more than 90% of their financial documents. The company employs our AI-powered OCR solution for reading, extracting, classifying, and converting data from invoices and receipts. Moreover, the company also uses our solution for email parsing, improving internal and external communication, but also unlocking important business data within seconds.

WeClapp accurately extracts data from financial documents within seconds, in just a few easy steps:
They take a picture of the document or upload it via email, web, or mobile application.
The OCR takes the responsibility of reading, classifying, and extracting the data.
The user then chooses the format of the output, such as TXT, JSON, CSV, and more.
And that is it! With this easy document flow, the company managed to improve the turnaround time in document processing, all while enjoying qualitative data from the get-go. Check out this video to see how Klippa facilitates invoice and receipt processing:

Harvesting the Rewards

After implementing Klippa in their daily business processes, WeClapp saw several improvements, which not only added value to their organization, but to their clients as well. With Klippa’s OCR, both WeClapp and their customers enjoy the benefits of:
Up to 99% accuracy in data extraction
Accurate document classification to prevent invoice and receipt fraud
Data capture for invoices and receipts
Email automation for improved data processing
Data conversion to multiple formats, such as TXT, JSON, CSV, and many more
“Klippa has been a major key player for us in document processing. Their OCR is accurate and efficient and we never have to worry about time-consuming tasks or error-prone results again.”
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