How Transport Giant SNCF Automates ID Verification Checks

Discover how the French National Railway company automated the ID verification process, reducing 75% of manual work.
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About SNCF

SNCF has been in a leading position in the French transport sector for decades. With more than 15,000 trains running every day, the company helps more than 4 million passengers commute on a daily basis, among which 300,000 are children making use of the Junior & CIE service. 

With the Junior & CIE service, children aged 4 to 14 years can travel by train, accompanied by a trained and experienced member of SNCF’s staff. To ensure a safe and secure environment, SNCF has implemented identity verification procedures for the legal guardians of these children. Therefore, both the adults dropping off the children at departure points and those picking them up at their destination must undergo identity verification checks.

Pain Points of the Manual ID Verification Process

The ID verification process was first carried out manually. An SNCF employee at the point of departure manually noted down the identification details of the adult, such as name, or ID document number, and took a picture of the document. The same process was applicable to the legal guardian at the point of arrival. This soon became a real burden to SNCF employees, as handling personal information manually was neither scalable nor secure.

Assessing the situation, SNCF identified the following pain points of the manual process: 
It was time-consuming
It didn’t comply with GDPR requirements
It slowed down daily operations
It was prone to errors, leading to false negatives
It was difficult to identify fraudulent ID documents
SNCF sought to improve the efficiency and security of their ID document processing while ensuring GDPR compliance. Their quest for a solution led them to explore automated ID verification options, ultimately leading them to Klippa DocHorizon, a software solution that addressed all their challenges.

How SNCF Automated the ID Verification Process with Klippa DocHorizon

After a quick and easy implementation, SNCF now uses Klippa DocHorizon for their ID verification process. Our GDPR-compliant and secure solution is tailored to address SNCF’s specific needs.

Klippa’s identity verification powered by AI uses OCR technology to accurately capture, extract, and anonymize data from multiple identity documents, such as passports, ID cards, or driving licenses. Moreover, it is able to detect document fraud, keeping the verification check accurate. So how does that look in practice?

An SNCF employee scans the ID document of the child’s guardian with a smartphone at departure
In a few seconds, all relevant information, as well as the picture on the ID document, are extracted and sent to the SNCF database
The extracted data is compared to a form and an upload of the ID document that the legal guardians submitted at registration
At the point of arrival, the person picking up the child follows the same protocol
Their identity document is scanned and the data is then compared to the information already present in the database
After implementing Klippa’s solution, SNCF’s identity verification procedure goes much smoother, reducing the amount of manual work by 75%.

Results of Automating ID Verification with Klippa

Automation has helped SNCF achieve its main goal, which was to process documents faster, all while complying with GDPR.

Using Klippa DocHorizon, SNCF was able to:

Simplify the verification process, facilitating the tasks for its employees
Securely process sensitive information under GDPR
Increase traveler satisfaction with a smooth registration process
Detect fraudulent ID documents and keep danger at bay
Reduce the processing time by 75%
Klippa has helped bring SNCF’s Junior & CIE program back to its glory, using cutting-edge technology, which ensures fast, secure, and accurate document processing.
“Klippa’s automated ID verification solution fulfills all our requirements: it is accurate, fast, and secure. The seamless integration into our operations was definitely a great bonus”.
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