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Simplify financial document processing, ensure secure customer verification, and enhance compliance with AI-powered software.
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Employ Secure Document Automation Solutions

Increase efficiency and secure your business with Klippa’s document automation solutions. Whether it’s public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise – we’ve got you covered.

Streamline Invoice Processing and Loan Applications 

Scan any document with mobile device for data capture
Automate data entry to avoid manual errors
Save time with AI-powered document classification
Digitize documents to business-ready data formats 
Verify ID documents from more than 150 countries
Ensure seamless digital onboarding 24/7
Validate Proof of Address and Proof of Income documents
Automatically comply with CDD and AML regulations
OCR software

Automate Fraud Detection and Comply with Privacy Regulations

Detect fake documents using advanced AI algorithms
Use two-way matching for invoices and purchase orders
Verify documents with third party databases 
Mask private information to comply with regulations
Automate expense claims in a few simple steps
Customize invoice approval workflows with ease
Maintain a clear oversight with your expense dashboard
Prevent duplicate payments and invoice fraud
OCR software

Find Your IDP Application In Financial Services

Harness cutting-edge IDP technologies for a variety of use cases. Whether you’re drawing inspiration from the provided examples or pursuing a unique vision, Klippa has got you covered.
Accounts Payable
Process and classify invoices, purchase orders, or delivery notes.
Claims Processing
Extract data from various forms and documents for claims processing.
Identity Verification
Process and validate data from identity documents.
Document & Image Redaction
Redact privacy sensitive data from various documents.
Document Fraud Detection
Automatically detect fraud from documents with AI.

Seamlessly Process a Variety of Financial Documents

Automate document processing and verify more than 50+ document types with Klippa. Do you have a special request? Don’t hesitate to contact our team

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Benefit from Workflow
Automation with Klippa

Minimize administrative tasks by letting Klippa take care of data extraction, anonymization, classification, and verification.
Reduce costs & turnaround time
Klippa’s AI-powered software is able to process financial and identity documents in seconds. Reduce overhead and operational costs and save time with automated document workflow.
Prevent fraud & enhance compliance 
Prevent identity theft & forgery and boost KYC & AML compliance with Klippa’s intelligent document verification. Ensure GDPR adherence through automated anonymization, guarding customer and employee data.
Automate complex document workflows
Klippa DocHorizon allows you to automate document processing tasks for all your requirements in the financial services industry. Our software can also be integrated into any of your existing systems via APIs and SDKs.

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More than 1000 companies worldwide rely on Klippa’s software to process documents more securely, faster and cheaper. Read more about how and why.

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

“It is extremely pleasant to work together with a party that is as ambitious as we are. The willingness and speed with which Klippa implemented specific modifications for us is impressive.”
Leon Backbier
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