Klippa offers document processing, classification and data extraction solutions to the public sector.

Replace traditional paper processes and archives, by modern, easy to manage, searchable and compliant digital alternatives. Prevent fraud, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency with smart document solutions by Klippa.

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Improve document driven processes

Our solutions can benefit you on public cloud, private cloud or even on premise. Whatever suits your business needs best.
Digitise archives and workflows
Turn paper archives into digital, searchable formats. Improve workflows to speed up delivery and reduce cost.
Speed up claim and permit application processing
Automatically process and classify incoming documents, extract information and cross-validate data points.
Prevent fraud and ensure compliance
Automate regulatory compliance checks on contracts, financial documents and identity documents.
Streamline high volume document processing
Automate the classification, processing and data extraction on high volume documents such as invoices, forms and others.
Accounts payable automation
Digitise and automate the expense and / or invoice processing, approvals and payments.
Spend management with credit cards
Distribute and manage safe, compliant and easy to use business credit cards within your organisation. Set personal spending limits and receive proof of payments digitally. Get realtime insights and control over company spending.

Our technology components

Our machine learning technology can improve many document and data related business processes. Are you ready for the future?
Document scanning
Document format and quality conversions
Document to text with OCR
Data extraction on documents
Classifying documents and data
(Cross)Validating data and documents
Document management
Workflow optimisation