NFC-based Identity Verification

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Ensure accuracy up to 70% with NFC checks
Process IDs with a global coverage of 500+ ID types

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What is NFC-based Identity Verification? 

The NFC ID verification technology is used to read encrypted data in the chip of identity documents for user verification. With the help of a smartphone, NFC technology can be used to access user’s data from identity documents and validate the document authenticity.

The benefits of our NFC ID Verification solution

Enhanced Security
RFID chips on identity documents cannot be tampered with and data stored in them can only be accessed with NFC technology.
Ensured Compliance
Our solution is compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA). Next to that, we do not store any data on our servers.
Fast & Reliable
The NFC-based ID scanner reads and verifies identity documents fast and reliably, even in hard conditions. NFC ID Verification takes less than a minute.
Fraud Detection
AI algorithms protect you against forged and counterfeit ID documents by quickly spotting anomalies.
Fully Customizable
From styling to process flows, everything in the Klippa ID Verification solution can be customized.
Accurate & Efficient
ID Verification with NFC technology eliminates manual data entry, verification, and validation while ensuring high data extraction accuracy.

How NFC-based ID Verification works

Everything in Klippa’s Identity Verification solution can be customized according to your needs. Use our NFC checks to unlock RFID chips for data extraction and validate checksum to prevent fraud.

Scan Document

While scanning their documents, users receive a realtime feedback. It ensures high quality picture.

Extract automatically data, signatures, pictures & MRZ. Users can validate the extracted data.

NFC Verification

Users can be asked to scan to perform NFC checks allowing you to achieve 100% accuracy.

Add liveness detection and selfie checks to your processes for more layers of security.

The Most Optimal Identity Verification for KYC Processes

Fast & Secure Customer Onboarding.

Major financial organizations spend up to $500 million annually on KYC processes and customer due diligence (CDD). NFC-based Identity Verification can cut back the processing costs while enhancing customer experience.

Klippa’s NFC Verification is an ideal KYC software solution for organizations to improve their workflows. It enables fast and secure identity verification with our ID verification mobile SDK

Prevent Fraud with Sophisticated NFC Technology

Lower Risk. Higher Security.

NFC-based verification solution is a modern technology that can authenticate customers through chip-based identity documents. Within the RFID chips, personal data is properly secured with encryption, that’s why it can’t be altered or forged. 

Klippa’s NFC Verification is an efficient solution for organizations to prevent fraud. The best thing is that the data will not be stored on Klippa’s servers after data extraction and ID verification. 

NFC-based ID Verification
The modern approach

For our customers

Supreme fraud detection and prevention
Enhanced compliance with regulations
Improved CDD processes
Faster customer onboarding

For end users

Identity verification in an instant
Easy and reliable verification process
User friendly onboarding experience
Verification anytime and anywhere

Easy to integrate for developers

Klippa makes it easy to implement scanning functionality in your mobile apps. Read our documentation or request the ID Verification SDK license for testing. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

To authenticate a user’s identity, NFC technology is used to read out the information contained within the chip in the identity document. 

While documents can be forged and altered, these chips cannot be tampered with. Therefore, fraudsters have no way to force their way through the KYC check. 
Identity verification with NFC technology is more secure & robust compared to traditional methods. With NFC, data can be read directly from the chip in an identity document. 

As these chips cannot be tampered with, fraudsters have no way to bypass the KYC checks. You can securely onboard legitimate customers and validate all the data within the chips in an instant. 
NFC-enabled document is also known as RFID-chipped documents normally issued by Governments. These documents include passports, ID cards, and driver licenses. 
For NFC Identity Verification to work, smartphones should have NFC support and the identity documents must contain the RFID chip. If you are not sure about either of these requirements, please contact our support.
The pricing are always based on a fixed license fee per year per app, up to a certain maximum scanning volume. For usage over this volume additional scanning volume package can be purchased. 

Get in touch with our product specialists to get a specified quote based on your use case and scanning volume.
Our mobile scanning solutions are always based on native IOS (Swift) and Android (Kotlin). Next to that, we offer Web SDKs and wrapper libraries for most cross platform languages like Flutter, Nativescript, and Xamarin. Other wrappers like Cordova and Ionic can be provided upon request.
Klippa was founded by developers, which is why we understand the value of a well-documented SDK and software in general. For all our solutions we provide documentation, implementation examples and often also supporting video instructions. Check out our SDK documentation for more information.