Data Anonymization Software To Enhance Regulatory Compliance

Automatically redact and protect sensitive information with data anonymization software. Powered by AI.
Safeguard company & customer data against misusage
ISO 9001 & 27001 quality and data security standards

Trusted by 1000+ brands worldwide

Data Anonymization Software To Safeguard Your Business

Add an extra layer of security when extracting data with intelligent data anonymization software. With Klippa DocHorizon, you can ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA or PII.
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Protect Client & Company Information from Data Breaches

Mask all sensitive data from any document in Latin alphabet to ensure that even in case of a data breach, you’re protected. 
Redact images and relevant fields from identity documents
Keep private information out of financial docs and forms
Remove any personal identifiers from HR documentation
Anonymize license plates and bank card numbers

Automatically Safeguard Sensitive Data to Stay Compliant

With our data anonymization software, you get to remain compliant with privacy regulations without any manual effort.
Store only protected data in your digital archives
Third-party data sharing in a regulated secure format
Ensure that no internal data misuse takes place
Instill customer confidence through compliance
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Up to 99% Data Extraction Accuracy
Reduce Turnaround Time Up To 90%
Over 150 Different Countries Supported
ISO & GDPR Compliant Provider 

Find Your Application for Data Anonymization Software

Harness cutting-edge IDP technologies for a variety of use cases. Whether you’re drawing inspiration from the provided examples or pursuing a unique vision, Klippa has got you covered.
Mortgage Processing
Remove any personal identifiers from mortgage applications.
Patient Data Storage
Ensure safe data storage for all patient-related documentation.
Identity Verification
Mask sensitive data fields when processing ID documents.
Resume Processing
Anonymize employee and recruits information for data protection.
Document Archiving
Redact any private data like names, IBAN numbers, or addresses.

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

“It is extremely pleasant to work together with a party that is as ambitious as we are. The willingness and speed with which Klippa implemented specific modifications for us is impressive.”
Leon Backbier
IT Manager, Banijay Benelux

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Implement Document Classification in Your Workflow

Klippa provides easy integration via our platform, API, or SDK, and broad compatibility with major platforms and tools. Our well-documented solutions guarantee a hassle-free and smooth experience.

Low-Code IDP Platform

Easily create & automate your entire document workflow on one IDP platform.

Data Anonymization API

Connect our data anonymization module to your own application(s) via API.

Mobile Scanning SDK

Employ our SDKs to empower your mobile applications with smart scanning.

Compatible With Your Favourite Tools

See all of our 50+ integrations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some data anonymization techniques?

Data anonymization can be performed using different techniques, such as:

Data Masking
Data Swapping
Data Redaction
Data Perturbation
As Klippa DocHorizon is an intelligent document processing solution, we are able to anonymize data in several ways, so your sensitive information is processed in a secure manner. 

Is data anonymization the same as data masking?

Data anonymization involves eliminating classified, personal, or sensitive information from datasets, whereas data masking conceals confidential data by modifying its values.

Data masking alters sensitive data using methods such as character shuffling, word or character substitution and encryption.

How can I implement data anonymization software?

Our API will be useful for you if you want to build your own information extraction and anonymization pipeline and connect it with your existing software systems.

You can integrate a separate API for a specific service, or customize an API by creating your document workflow with multiple Klippa services using our Flow Builder on the DocHorizon Platform.

Additionally, if you want to process documents that Klippa doesn’t support out of the box, you can easily build your own processing model with our Prompt Builder.

Our mobile SDKenables you to turn your mobile devices into data capture devices with the ability to mask data selectively. This is useful if you want to add data anonymization features to your existing or soon-to-be-released mobile app.

If you’re not yet sure which choice fits you best, take a look at our documentation for more information. 

Does Klippa protect my data?

By default, Klippa does not store any customer data. Data is always processed under a data processing agreement (DPA) and all service from Klippa are compliant with GDPR. 

All data transfer is done via secure SSL connections. Our servers are ISO certified and by default are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Getting a custom server on a location of choice is possible in any location worldwide. 

On a regular base, our security is tested via third party penetration testing to ensure state of the art security at all times.