Smart Object Detection SDK

Catch any object in data by integrating our smart Object Detection into your solution. A complete and secure solution, available via SDK. Powered by AI.

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Fast and accurate object detection
Our object detection technology uses Computer Vision (CV) techniques to identify and locate objects within images or videos. These techniques enable the SDK to process information more accurately and fast.
Automatically draws bounding boxes for data capture
Our SDK automatically detects objects and draws rectangular boxes around the objects of interest. It can even draw multiple bounding boxes for data capture with a document that contains various data fields.

The benefits of our Object Detection SDK

Fast & Reliable
It does not take more than a few seconds to recognize objects. Our SDK works even in the most challenging conditions.
No Internet Required
Our Object Detection SDK does not rely on the internet to detect various objects, which makes it less vulnerable to security leakages.
Accurate & Efficient
The advanced Computer Vision technology we apply ensures that object detection is performed efficiently and accurately.
Real-time user feedback ensures you can detect the object and gives instructions for the most optimal detection angle.

How does our Object Detection SDK work?

A picture tells more than a thousand words. Below is an example of how our mobile object detection SDK works in practice.

Smart object and data fields recognition within seconds

Recognizes various objects and data fields on them
Scans various items in any format
Automatically draws bounding boxes around the objects

Enhanced user experience with real-time feedback

Notifies users when the camera is too far away
Notifies users when the conditions are too dark
Notifies users if they are moving the camera too much

Object Detection for Various Use Cases

Klippa’s Object Detection SDK serves clients from various industries and supports different use cases. Whether you need a solution to accurately draw bounding boxes or detect multiple objects within one scan, our solution enables you to do that. These are some of the use cases we already support. 

Easy to integrate for developers

Klippa makes it easy to implement scanning functionality in your mobile apps. Read our documentation or request the Object Detection SDK license for testing. 
Available on all major platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Object Detection SDK work?
How does Object Detection SDK work?
The object detection process is straightforward. Our customers can use a mobile phone to scan an object and the SDK will automatically draw a bounding box around the object. While scanning, they will get real-time feedback on how to scan an image in the best way possible. 

From an implementation point of view, you only have to implement our Object Detection SDK in your mobile platform. This can be done within 1 day.
Does Klippa use AI to detect objects?
Yes we do. Computer Vision, a sub category of AI also known as AI image processing, is combined with other technologies to detect a variety of objects. 

Our object detection model is continuously trained to stay up to date and recognize objects with the highest accuracy possible. 
On what platforms does it work?
Our Object Detection SDK has been made available for native IOS (Swift) and native Android (Kotlin). 

Next to that, we offer wrapper libraries for most cross platform languages like Flutter, Nativescript and ReactNative. Other wrappers like Cordova and Ionic can be provided upon request.
Are there possibilities for customization?
Yes! Our Object Detection SDK can be customized upon request. We can provide you with camera control & real-time user feedback, detection models based on machine learning, or an out-of-the-box solution. You can always couple our components with your own solutions. 

If you have any questions, you can always ask our support team for more information. 
Does Klippa have documentation?
Yes we do!
Klippa was built by developers, for developers. Therefore we know the importance of good documentation. Our Object Detection SDK has the right documentation to easily implement it in mobile applications.
Which objects can our SDK detect?
Which objects can our SDK detect ?
In general, Klippa can detect all kinds of objects. These objects include:

– Documents
– Barcodes
– Utility Meters
– Price Tags
– Vehich
– Images
– License Plates
– Faces
– Animals
– And many more objects

If you have a request for a specific object, please contact our support.
What about privacy and security?
Privacy and security are very important to us.
By default, Klippa does not store any customer data. Data is always processed under a data processing agreement (DPA) and all service from Klippa are compliant with GDPR. 

Getting a custom server on a location of choice is possible in any location worldwide. 

On a regular base, our security is tested via third party penetration testing to ensure state of the art security at all times. 
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What are the technologies behind Klippa’s Object Detection SDK?

Our object detection model can be trained to recognize any object. It is built around technologies such as AI, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. For training our model and inference of deep neural networks, we use Tensorflow, which is an open-source framework. 

Differences between IOS and Android

For IOS, we use Apple Vision; for Android, we use OpenCV by Intel. Our SDK can detect objects and process images by using these programming functions libraries.

Are there any possibilities for customization?

The simple answer is yes. With our team of experts, we can customize and train our models based on your needs. We can provide you with an out-of-the-box object detection solution, or you can couple our components with your own.

What more can our Object Detection SDK do?

Next to detecting objects, our SDK can be used as an object tracker. Depending on your use case, you may need object tracking, person tracking, or even video object tracking, which we can train our models to do. As mentioned before, our models are built around machine learning, which enables deep learning object tracking.