driving license OCR

Driving license OCR

Increase the organization’s effectiveness with driving license OCR. Process driver’s licenses securely and safely with Klippa’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution. Powered by machine learning.  

Automatic data extraction with Klippa driving license OCR  

Extract information from driver’s licenses within a matter of seconds. Below you will find an example of how our driving license OCR API solution gathers all essential details in a couple of seconds. Therefore, our OCR API can provide you with instant scan results.  
uploading driving license OCR to API

Step 1: uploading the driving license to the OCR API

In the first step, a picture or a PDF file of the driver’s license will be provided to the driver’s license OCR API. This document can either be sent from the mobile application, or the web app. 

You can choose to send the document to the driving license OCR API uncropped (with the background there), or cropped (without the background). If you choose to send the document uncropped, the API automatically crops the document. The driver’s license scanner SDK can be used to optimize the quality of the image.  
converting the image of the driving license OCR into TXT

Step 2: converting the image to a TXT file 

In the second step, our driving license OCR solution converts the image or PDF into a TXT file. The data is then extracted from the image of the driver’s license, but not yet structured.
parsing JSON to TXT

Step 3: parsing the TXT file into JSON

As for the final step, the Klippa parser takes the TXT file from the previous step and converts this into a JSON file. The JSON file is then returned to the API as output. After these steps the process of the driving license OCR is finished and the driver’s license can easily be processed in the database of the company.

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What are the benefits of using our solution? 

Cost reduction
Spend less money and time on processing of driver’s licenses.
Fraud prevention 
Recognize errors, prevent fraud and duplicates with Klippa driving license OCR.
Speed improvement
Simplify your onboarding and KYC. Klippa helps to process driver’s licenses within seconds.
Error reduction
No more manual data entry errors because of high quality data extraction on driving licenses.

Which fields does the API extract from driver’s licenses?

Below you find the default extracted data fields (with checkmarks) and the automated checks (with locks). These fields can be customized per customer. Additional fields can be extracted by our driving license OCR solution on request.
Full Name
Date and place of birth
Date and location of issue
Issuing authority
Valid through
Restrictions (number coded)
Document number
Picture of the holder
MRZ (machine readable zone)
Identification of fraudulent documents via crosschecks
Validation of the driving license by comparing a selfie with a picture on the passport
Finding duplicates via image hashing

Automated processing with OCR

Since manual data entry is a very time-consuming task, we are happy to take this tedious task away from your employees and clients. Benefit from increased time efficiency, lower spending, fewer errors and prevention of fraud. 

Whatever your goal might be, Klippa is here to help you. Besides driving license OCR, our OCR solution also specializes in data extraction and processing of identity documents.    

Frequently Asked Questions

What the price of data extraction from driver’s licenses will be, depends on the specific situation. Pay per use and monthly licenses fees are both available. Get in touch and get an exact quote. 
Most driving licenses do not contain a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). Therefore, MRZ parsing is not common. If a driving license does contain a MRZ, the Klippa driving license OCR solution will be able to recognize it. Klippa supports all types of MRZ.
Pictures and signatures can both be automatically recognized and extracted by Klippa. This feature is optional and is used depending on the case.
Any situation that requires the processing of large numbers of driving licenses, is relevant for our software. Common sectors for driving license OCR are insurance, accounting, aviation, travel, hotels, onboarding, banking, loyalty and more.
We are on our way to support all driver’s licenses, worldwide. At the moment, we support American and European driving licenses. If there’s a specific type of license you would like to process, please reach out to us! Our machine learning models are very flexible and can easily adapt to new information.

Did you know that apart from driving licenses, Klippa OCR can scan other types of identity documents, such as student ID cards, MRZ codes, and more? Contact us for more information.
Besides the driving license OCR API, Klippa offers an API and SDK for identity validation. This solution is called “Klippa Identity Validation” and can be used for both KYC and remote customer onboarding. This is more advanced than our regular drivers license OCR API, since it checks the quality of the pictures, validity of the driver’s license and numerous more issues.
All services we offer are fully GDPR compliant. We only use ISO-certified servers within the EU for processing. Besides that, a data processor agreement is in place. We do not store any of your (customers’) data.

Additionally, Klippa provides an option to mask sensitive data. You can read more about that on our data masking blog.
At Klippa, we understand the value of well documented APIs. Our documentation about the driving license OCR API is created while using SWAGGER and it can be found via this link.  
Please feel free to ask all your questions.
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