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Health insurance card data extraction

An image speaks more than a thousand words. Below is an example of the three steps our OCR engine takes to automatically extract data from health insurance cards.

Uploading health insurance cards to the API

The first step is always to provide a picture or a PDF file of a health insurance card to our API. Usually this is done from a mobile app or a web application. The document can be send cropped or uncropped (with some kind of background). If it is send uncropped, the Klippa API will automatically crop the document. The Klippa SDK can also be used to handle the document capturing. The SDK includes realtime user feedback to ensure good quality input.

Image to text using OCR

As soon as the picture or PDF has been received it is converted to a TXT file. In this step all the text from the document is extracted, but it is still not structured. On the left you can find an example of the text that Klippa extracts from health insurance cards.

Getting JSON output from the API

Klippa takes the TXT gained from OCR in step 2 and converts it into structured JSON using machine learning. The JSON is then returned as output from the API. From here the health insurance card can easily be processed into your database. Optionally additional data like the health insurance card picture or signature can also be extracted and provided via a URL.
Reduce cost
Spend less on processing health insurance cards.
Improve speed
Process health insurance cards automatically within seconds. Simplify your KYC and onboarding.
Reduce errors
Prevent manual data entry errors with high quality data extraction on health insurance cards.
Prevent fraud
Automatically recognise errors, duplicates and fraud.
What health insurance card fields are extracted?
Below the default extracted data fields (checkmarks) and automated checks (locks) are listed. These can be customised for each customer. On request additional fields can also be extracted.
Full Name
Client number
Date of Birth
Address details
Phone number & email
Identification number
Insurance number
Card issuer
Expiration date
Profile picture
Document type
Confidence scores per field
Classification services (custom)
Anonymization and pseudonymization services (custom)
Identify fraudulent documents via photoshop detection
Find duplicate documents

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?
The pricing structure for health insurance card recognition depends on the exact use case. Both pay per use and monthly licenses are available. Get in contact with our solution architects to get an exact quote.
What health insurance cards are supported?
We are on a path to support all health insurance cards worldwide. Currently we support European and American health insurance cards. If you have a specific type of health insurance card you need OCR for, just reach out to us. Klippa can develop custom machine learning models to support your needs. 
How does Klippa check the authenticity?
Next to normal data extraction on health insurance cards using OCR, Klippa offers an API and SDK for identity validation. This solution is called Klippa Identity Validation and is used for KYC and remote customer onboarding. It goes a step further than just the OCR API and actually checks the picture quality, validity of the health insurance cards and numerous other points. This solution includes Photoshop activity detection and facial comparison technology. 
Is your health insurance cards processing GDPR compliant?
All the services that Klippa offers are fully GDPR-compliant. By default, we use ISO-certified servers within the European Union for processing. If you are not located within the EU, we can also set up servers in a region of choice.

Next to that, a data processor agreement is in place. We do not store any of your or your customers’ data after processing. 
Can Klippa convert health insurance cards to CSV, XLSX, XML or JSON?
Yes we can. Klippa can scan health insurance cards, or their PDF equivalents, and converts them to readable text using OCR. From there we use machine learning to turn the text into structured data. Most of the time we use JSON for this, but depending on your preferences we can also convert health insurance cards to CSV, XLSX or XML.
Can Klippa provide classification for health insurance cards?
Yes we can. Next to card scanning, OCR, blacklining, anonymization and pseudonymization, Klippa also provides classification on health insurance cards and other documents via deep learning and other machine learning applications. Classifications can for example be the country of origin, language, document quality, insurance type, document type and many more. 
Can Klippa provide anonymization and pseudonymisation for health insurance cards?
Yes we can. Next to card scanning, OCR, classification and other machine learning services, Klippa provides options for blacklining, anonymization and pseudonymization on health insurance cards and other documents.

You can read more about this topic on our data masking blog
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Automated processing & scanning of health insurance cards

Eliminating manual entry is our vision. With Klippa, manual processing of health insurance cards is coming to an end. No client or employee will have to type over data anymore. Our SDK can facilitate insurance card scanning and our API can perform OCR and data extraction. Combining both will allow you to automate the onboarding or registration procedure for your clients. 

What are the use cases?

We can automate any process with large amounts of health insurance cards. If time and quality is a factor, then we are definitely a good fit. Automated processing, classification and data extraction are common requests from our clients. Our solutions can be found in sectors such as insurance, government, hospitals and travel. Customer onboarding is one of the common cases, as well as insurance verification for pharmacies and hospitals. Klippa uses deep learning and other machine learning techniques in its products.

Did you know that apart from health insurance cards, Klippa OCR can scan other types of medical documents, such as medical prescriptions? Contact us for more information.