Data field extraction with OCR and machine learning

 The volume of documents and images that have to be processed is larger than ever. With our smart data extraction API and SDK, automatically extracting data fields, such as IBAN, CoC numbers, serial numbers, EAN codes and VAT numbers just got easy! For documents and images, powered by machine learning.

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We support a wide range of special data fields. 
Some of them are listed below: 

Chamber of commerce number
Chamber of commerce number data extraction
Klippa can automatically recognize chamber of commerce numbers on many different types of documents. After extraction we can also verify the extracted number via third party sources.
Tax identification number
Tax identification number data extraction
Automatically extracting tax identification numbers is a relevant task in accounting, loan application and tax document processing. Klippa can identify and extract tax identification numbers from many types of documents. On request Klippa can also verify the extracted numbers via third party data sources.
VAT number
VAT number data extraction
VAT numbers can be extracted by Klippa on many different types of documents. Among other reasons, the extraction is done to catch fraudulent invoices and verify if VAT numbers belong to bank account numbers and company names.
Social security number
Social security number data extraction
In many KYC, AML and CDD procedures, the social security number is a relevant data point. Klippa can extract social security numbers from different types of documents. 
MRZ code
MRZ code data extraction
MRZ codes are coded lines on identity documents such as passports, ID cards and driving licenses. Klippa can automatically extract all three types of MRZs from over 300 documents worldwide, across many different languages. Klippa also verifies the validity of the MRZ. 
IBAN & other bank account number
IBAN & other bank account number data extraction
Extracting IBAN and other bank account numbers can be very relevant in accounts payable automation use cases. Klippa can extract and validate bank account numbers on many types of documents. For example invoices, purchase orders and payslips.
Credit card number
Credit card number extraction
Klippa can extract credit card numbers from pictures of credit cards and other documents. Even embossed numbers from hard angles can be recognized and verified. 
Container code
Container code data extraction
Looking to extract container code numbers from pictures or video’s? Klippa is here to help you. 
License plates
License plate data extraction
Trying to extract license plates from images or documents? Klippa can help to extract and verify license plate numbers in real life pictures or on unstructured documents.
Purchase order number
Purchase order number extraction
Are you trying to automate your accounts payable, order intake or another proces? Klippa can automatically extract purchase orders numbers from documents like invoices, purchase orders, delivery slips and more.
Invoice & receipt number
Invoice & receipt number data extraction
For invoice processing, expense management, accounts payable automation, 2-way matching, 3-way matching and (bank) reconciliation, receipt and invoice numbers can be very relevant. Klippa can help you identify and extract these numbers on video, photo and documents.
Barcode scanning and reading
Klippa can extract, scan and read every style barcode in images and on documents. Even multiple barcodes on a single image can be scanned and processed by Klippa. This is useful for logistics, product registrations, stock keeping and more.
QR codes
QR code reading
Reading QR codes on pictures and documents can be very relevant in accounts payable, loyalty and other use cases. Klippa can scan, read and extract data from QR codes in pictures and documents.
EAN Codes
EAN code data extraction
EAN codes (European Article Numbers) are used to identify products brands and types. Wether you are looking to extract these numbers from invoices, stickers, boxes or other documents & pictures, Klippa can help you.
Serial numbers
Serial number data extraction
Serial numbers are used on many types of products, but are specifically common on electronics. Are you looking to identify serial numbers on boxes, stickers, pictures or documents? For example for product and warranty registration? Klippa is here to help.
Tyre identification number (TIN)
TIN data extraction
Extracting textual data from low light and contrast images is very challenging. Are you looking to extract tyre identification numbers from pictures or documents? Klippa is here to help.
Vehicle identification number (VIN)
VIN data extraction
Extracting VIN numbers can be complicated. Especially if they are on window screens of cars or on metal plates. Klippa can help to extract VIN codes from pictures, but also documents.
+100 other data fields
Other data fields
Klippa uses machine learning, computer vision and OCR to extract data points from videos, photos or documents. Many other data points can be extracted out of the box. Klippa also offers the possibility to extract custom fields. So whatever you are looking to extract and automate, Klippa is here to help. 
Reduce cost
Spend less on processing special fields on documents.
Improve speed
Process special fields  automatically within seconds.
Reduce errors
Prevent manual data entry errors with high quality data extraction.
Prevent fraud
Automatically recognize errors, duplicates and fraud.

How it works.

Send your documents to our data field extraction API.
Klippa converts documents to text, classifies the document type, extracts relevant data fields and converts documents to structured data like JSON.
You get all the data you need within seconds.
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Automatic data field extraction for documents and images

Special fields on documents are everywhere, just think of serial numbers, social security numbers, EAN codes, barcodes, QR codes, COC numbers, VAT numbers, IBAN, bank account numbers and so on. It can be very time-consuming to process these fields manually. And let’s be honest, nobody likes manual data entry. Luckily, automated data extraction on documents is possible with OCR.

OCR automatically detects all important data fields on documents and extracts these. This can reduce the processing time of a single document by 90% or more. The more fields you need, the more time you save. But Klippa does not stop at data extraction. We actually validate the document quality, but also the data we extract, via third party APIs, such as the European VAT database, the Google Maps API and Chamber of Commerce APIs.

What are the use cases?

There are many use cases for OCR on special fields on documents. The most common use case is in the marketing and advertising sector. Any company that processes EAN codes, barcodes, GTINs or QR codes could benefit here. Other common use cases are product identification, product registration and insurance document management.

Why use our data field extraction API?

The Klippa OCR API has many out-of-the-box functionalities that reduce processing time, costs and errors and prevent fraud. You can be up and running within a few hours and you will benefit from great scalability and accuracy.