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What we can do with documents

Our machine learning technology can automate many Chamber of Commerce related business processes via our APIs and SDKs.
COC document scanning
COC document type and quality conversions
COC extract to text, UBL, CSV, XLSX or JSON with OCR
Data extraction on COC documents
Classifying COC documents
(Cross)validating COC data

Chamber of commerce data extraction

An image speaks more than a thousand words. Below is an example of the three steps our OCR engine takes to automatically extract data from COC extracts.

Uploading to the API

The first step is providing a picture or a PDF file of a Chamber of Commerce extract to our API. Usually this is done from a mobile app, email, FTP or web application.

The document can be send cropped or uncropped (with some kind of background). If it is send uncropped, the Klippa API will automatically crop the document.

Image to text using OCR

As soon as a picture or PDF has been received, each page is converted to a TXT file. In this step all the text from the document is extracted, but it is not yet structured.

Getting JSON output from the API

The Klippa Parser takes the TXT gained from the OCR in step 2 and converts it into structured JSON using machine learning. The JSON is then returned as output from the API. The document is now searchable and important data fields like company entities, dates, signees and more have been extracted.

From here the the data can easily be processed into your database or stored as a searchable PDF. Whether you are processing COC extracts for legal, loan application, M&A or other purposes, Klippa is here to help.

The image on the left is a simplified example of the JSON response.
Reduce cost
Spend less on document processing by using Klippa.
Improve speed
Transform COC extracts into digital searchable text automatically. Extract important data automatically.
 Reduce errors & risks
Prevent manual data entry errors with high quality data extraction on Chamber of Commerce documents. Identify risks automatically.
Prevent fraud
Automatically recognise errors, duplicates, risks and fraud.
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What Chamber of Commerce details are extracted?
Below the type of data fields that can be extracted are listed. These can be customised for each customer. On request additional fields can also be extracted.
Document type
Image quality
Country of origin
Document language
Chamber of Commerce name and location
Company registration date
Company registration name
Company Chamber of Commerce number
Company legal representatives
Company tax codes
Company trade names
Company owners
Company entity type
Company description
Find duplicates via image hashing
Identify fraudulent documents via crosschecks
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What other legal documents can be scanned?

Apart from CoC extracts, Klippa OCR can scan other types of legal documents, such as bylaws, contracts, proof of residence, and permits? Contact us for more information.