Automated Document Processing For Your Logistics Operations

Streamline your document processing workflows and reduce manual work with AI-powered software.
Achieve up to 99% extraction accuracy
Reduce your turnaround time by up to 70%

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Employ the Best Document Automation Solutions

Enhance operational efficiency and optimize business insights with Klippa’s document automation solutions. Our technology helps you eliminate time-consuming and costly manual data entry.

Scan Documents for Automated Data Entry in Real-Time 

Seamlessly scan documents on a mobile for data capture
Real-time user feedback for optimal document scanning
Improve image quality with AI technologies
Digitize documents for easy and quick remote data access

Accurately Get Data from Documents in Business-Ready Formats

Eliminate manual data entry with AI-powered technology 
Achieve data extraction accuracy of up to 99%
Convert documents to JSON, CSV, XLSX, XML, PDF, and more 
Minimize errors with automatic document sorting 
OCR software

Verify Documents and Detect Fraud Automatically with AI

Identify fraudulent documents with advanced AI algorithms 
Cut costs with real-time automated document verification
Verify documents using third-party databases 
Enhance GDPR compliance and other privacy regulations 

Seamlessly Process All Your Documents & Forms

With intelligent document processing solution, Klippa DocHorizon, you can process 100+ document types in all Latin languages. Do you have a special request? Contact us for more inquiries.

Benefit from Workflow
Automation with Klippa

With Klippa DocHorizon, significantly reduce the time needed to develop automated solutions for data extraction, classification, and verification.
Reduce costs & turnaround time
Klippa’s AI-powered software is able to process 100+ different documents. Reduce overhead and operational costs and save time with automated workflow.
Prevent fraud & enhance compliance 
Prevent fraudulent documents with Klippa’s intelligent document verification. Ensure GDPR adherence through automated anonymization, guarding sensitive data.
Enjoy easy integration via API & SDK
You can implement our APIs and SDKs into any software or application you’re currently using. All of our solutions are well-documented and created in a developer-friendly way.  

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

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