Klippa’s OCR API is perfect for fast text recognition and data extraction from receipts, invoices, contracts, passports and more. Powered by machine learning.  

Klippa’s OCR API

The optical character recognition API extracts, enriches and categorizes details from unstructured purchase receipts, invoices, and many more. The OCR API is fast, 24/7 available and has JSON as standard output for efficient communication.

Submit files 24/7 via API

Klippa’s REST API is available 24/7. It supports many different types of documents and files, such as JPG, PNG and PDF. You can easily send your files through mobile app, e-mail and web application.
Klippa's OCR API

Fast processing

The Klippa OCR software API provides you with data on receipts, invoices, contracts and passports in 0.5 to 4 seconds, depending on the file. Real-time OCR at your fingertips with Klippa’s image/text recognition API! 
Fast processing with the OCR API

JSON output for efficient communication

The Klippa OCR has JSON as standard output with these fields. We can customize the fields upon request. We can also customize the output to XML, CSV, UBL or XLSX, depending on your needs. 
JSON output optical character recognition api

Real-time OCR with SDK

Applications that require real-time automatic text recognition can also use an OCR SDK. Integrate the Klippa SDK to process documents on any device. Documents can be converted to structured data within 0.5 to 2 seconds.
real-time ocr with sdk

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Why choose the OCR REST API?

Reduce cost
Spend less time and money on document processing with our OCR API
Improve speed
Process documents automatically within seconds. Perfect for accounting, cashbacks and loyalty
Reduce errors
Prevent manual data entry mistakes with high quality text recognition and data extraction with our API
Prevent fraud
Automatically recognize errors, duplicates and fraud

Standard fields & output of the optical character API

The standard OCR API supports formats such as JPG, PNG and PDF as input. Our system recognizes over 20 document types and 30 data fields. Output is provided via JSON and can include fields such as:
Invoice number 
Invoice date 
Date of expiry 
Delivery date 
Order number
Purchase order number 
Company name 
Company address details
Bank account number 
VAT number 
Chamber of commerce number 
Client number 
Phone number 
Tax Identification Number  
VAT amount per percentage
VAT percentages 
Total VAT amount 
Total amount (VAT excluded)
Total amount (VAT included)
Document type 
Line-item recognition
Quality score 
Identity document data
Full name 
Date and place of birth
Document number 
Social security number 
Valid from & valid through data 
Languages & currencies
The Klippa OCR API supports every currency and all western languages. The best results are achieved in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Italian. 
We offer customized solutions for different import and output possibilities. Please contact us for more information.
Please visit this page for the technical documentation on the OCR REST API.
Klippa OCR API puts an end to manual processing of receipts, invoices, contracts and passports!

Customization of the OCR API

In certain cases our standard solutions might not be exactly what you are looking for. Luckily we can build custom OCR integrations via our API. 

The input is normally a stream of images or PDFs, the output is JSON (or a different format for structured data), including the extracted information per receipt, invoice, contract, passport, sales order, shipping document, packing slip or any other document. 

From these documents we extract information such as the name, address, date, Chamber of Commerce reference, invoice number, bank account number, total amount, VAT, date of birth and place of birth. 

What is the price of a custom OCR API? 

At Klippa we believe in adding value to our clients for a fair price. Our customization process always starts with identifying your needs during a first meeting. Based on your requirements we will prepare an offer. 

The offer normally includes a one-off setup fee (depending on the complexity of the documents that need to be processed) and a yearly license fee of the OCR API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our API supports many different types of documents and files. Our OCR engine works most seamlessly with receipts, invoices, credit card statements, contracts, passports, ID cards, driving licenses and Chamber of Commerce documents. Other documents like credit cards, tax statements, payment slips, shipping documents and more can be supported on request.
Our OCR API supports Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Greek. Hebrew is currently in BETA. Other languages can be supported upon request. 
Definitely! We have open API documentation that is automatically kept up to date with SWAGGER.
Seeing is believing. We offer testing from our OCR API via POC contracts. Reach out to us to learn more and get your API key. You will get all the testing time and credits you need.
We like personal contact. We usually start with a quick talk to learn more about each other. This is followed up by online demonstrations via screen sharing. After the demo you will be able to start testing with your very own API Key.
Our pricing model is based on either a monthly license or a pay per document fee. Depending on your requirements and volume, our product specialists will make you a custom offer for the OCR API.
The default response contains structured JSON. To learn more about the exact structure, read our API documentation. This allows fast processing of the extracted data. Upon request the JSON structure can be changed for your API key.
Please feel free to ask all your questions about the OCR API.
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