Integrate AI-Powered OCR for Document Workflow Automation

Easily implement automated document processing solutions into new or existing software via smart APIs and SDKs.
Over 50+ integrations available 
ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified 

Trusted by 1000+ brands worldwide

Implement The Best Document Automation Solutions 

Swiftly add intelligent document processing to your own solutions with Klippa DocHorizon. From ERP systems to document management software, you can count on our versatile solutions. Over 50 integrations available.

Optimize Data Capture With Smart Document Scanning

Effortlessly scan documents with our mobile SDK
Instant user feedback for optimal document scanning
Enhance image quality with AI technologies
Digitize documents for easy and remote data accessibility

Automate Data Extraction and Document Conversion

Eliminate manual data entry with our advanced OCR API 
Achieve data extraction accuracy of up to 99%
Instantly convert documents into structured data 
Transform documents into JSON, CSV, XLSX, XML, PDF
OCR software

Automatic Fraud Detection and Document Verification

Detect fraudulent documents with built-in EXIF data analysis
Automatically spot discrepancies in document
Implement two-way matching to verify extracted data
Verify documents with third party databases via API

Anonymize Sensitive Information For Data Privacy Compliance

Safeguard customer information from data breaches 
Mask PII to preserve data for development purposes 
Customize desired data fields for anonymization
Comply with GDPR, HIPAA and other privacy regulations
OCR software

Simplify Document Sorting With AI-Powered Classification

Sort documents based on predetermined parameters
Improve document recognition accuracy with AI algorithms 
Classify documents in over 20 different categories 
Eliminate human intervention with automated workflow

Our Technology Components

Our AI-powered OCR technology can help scale many document and data related business processes. Easy to implement via APIs and SDKs.
Fast text recognition and data extraction
Catch fraudulent documents with EXIF data analysis
Automatically parse documents for useful data
Cross check documents and data points
Verify the authenticity of documents
Classify, label and sort documents with AI
Supports JSON, CSV, PDF, XML, XLSX, UBF, etc.
Extract data from RFID chips with NFC
Anonymize or mask sensitive data for compliance
Automate data discovery and storing
Process more than 40 document types out-of-the-box
Customize it to fit your needs (e.g data fields)

Made To Integrate With

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How to Integrate Klippa DocHorizon

Klippa provides easy integration via our platform, API, or SDK, and broad compatibility with major platforms and tools. Our well-documented solutions guarantee a hassle-free and smooth experience.

Low-Code Platform

Easily create & automate your entire document workflow on one IDP platform.

API Integration

Connect our document modules to your own application(s) via API.

Mobile Scanning SDK

Employ our SDKs to empower your mobile applications with smart scanning.

Benefit from Easy to Implement Document Solutions with Klippa

With Klippa DocHorizon by your side, you can easily reduce time spent on developing automated data extraction, anonymization, classification, and verification solutions.
Shorten Time to Market (TTM)
Leverage Klippa’s APIs and SDKs to implement market ready solutions in no time. Benefit from our well-trained AI-Powered software to stay on top of your game. 
Reduce Development Costs
Avoid external growing development costs and enjoy the benefits of a transparent pricing of out-of-the box solutions. 
Improve Compliance
Protect personal identifiable information with automated anonymization and comply with region specific privacy regulations including HIPAA, DSG and GDPR.

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