Klippa offers document processing, classification and data extraction solutions for the software and SaaS sector

Klippa provides smart APIs and SDKs to easily implement document processing solutions into new or existing software. Our solutions can be implemented worldwide for classification, data extraction, validation and much more. 

Our technology components

Our machine learning technology can improve many document and data related business processes. Are you ready for the future?
Document scanning
Document format and quality conversions
Document to text with OCR
Data extraction on documents
Classifying documents and data
(Cross)Validating data and documents
Document management
Workflow optimisation

Trusted by 1000+ brands worldwide

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What type of software and SaaS companies use Klippa?

Klippa is able to help any software implementation company or SaaS solution that is trying to improve document management and processing. Our smart document solutions are used by software consultancy companies, RPA specialists, accounting software, ERP software, property management software, medical software, identity validation software and much more.