How Real Estate Software Alasco Automates Invoice Workflows

Discover how software company Alasco integrated Klippa DocHorizon to automate invoice processing and allow users to work 3x faster.
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About Alasco

Alasco is Germany’s market-leading real estate software, offering smart solutions for financial controlling and ESG management. The company focuses on clients in the real estate industry as well as the construction industry, which are both very paper-oriented.

Alasco helps these businesses digitize and gain efficiency through automation. One of the key features of the software is its digital invoice review and approval workflow, in which Klippa DocHorizon plays an essential role.

Developing Real Estate Software: Build or Buy?

When developing any kind of financial software, OCR and data extraction from invoices are must-haves nowadays. Without these features, users may quickly switch to a competitor who offers them. The question is, will you develop the technology yourself or integrate an existing solution into your software? 

Alasco realized that building an OCR solution from scratch requires a lot of development time and expertise. Moreover, it might take years and years to reach the same quality and accuracy as existing software on the market. Hence, they started looking for an OCR provider to help automatically extract data from invoices. 

While searching for the best OCR solution for their use case, Alasco benchmarked multiple vendors on the market. They were specifically looking for:
Accuracy: High data extraction accuracy on invoices
Speed: Fast data recognition and extraction
Multi-language processing: Ability to process documents in multiple languages
Integration possibilities: Seamless integration with their existing software
Benjamin, who serves as the Product Lead at Alasco, noted that Klippa immediately distinguished itself from its competitors. Check out Alasco’s testimonial down below: 

Automated Data Extraction From Invoices

After implementing Klippa’s OCR solution, Alasco was able to extract invoice data directly into their software. 

Here’s an overview of the steps in this automated process: 
First, a customer uploads an invoice to Alasco’s application by either taking a picture or uploading a document in web or mobile app.
Klippa’s OCR takes care of processing the document. Klippa’s OCR takes care of the rest. It processes the document by reading, extracting, classifying and verifying the data.
The data is then converted into a structured JSON format, and can be used for further processing.
Klippa’s OCR is seamlessly integrated with Alasco’s software via API, which further enhances the user experience:
“For us, it is outstanding that the integration is seamless, so our customers don’t see that they are actually using another tool.”
Lukas Hennel
Team Lead Customer Enablement
The available assistance and support on Klippa’s end, as well as the thorough documentation offered, helped Alasco experience a smooth implementation process.

The Benefits of Integrating an OCR Solution

The integration of automated document processing solutions into new or existing software offers numerous benefits to both software providers and their end users. 

In the case of Alasco, they successfully turned specific pain points into competitive advantages: 
Shortened Time to Market: Instead of investing a lot of time in research, testing and developing an OCR solution, Alasco found a reliable partner. This significantly shortened their Time to Market.
Reduced Development Costs: Alasco didn’t need to invest in extra developer resources and expertise, because it chose for a proven off-the-shelf solution.
Improved Sales & Reduced Churn: By offering a more complete product with the best recognition rate and speed, Alasco was able to increase sales conversion and reduce churn.
Increased Customer Satisfaction: Eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks led to happier customers.
Enhanced Compliance: Alasco ensures a compliant AP process with an ISO-certified partner and data that remains in the EU.
By leveraging these benefits and upgrading their invoice workflow, Alasco has offered their users a number of advantages as well. They are now able to:

Review and approve invoices three times faster than before
Prevent invoice and vendor fraud by automatically detecting fraudulent invoices
Extract data from foreign invoices, thanks to Klippa’s multilingual document processing
Stay fully in control and gain real-time spending insights
Enjoy a streamlined and auditable purchase process
“Klippa’s OCR is fast, it’s accurate, and also easy to implement. The contact with Klippa was always easy, convenient, and nice.”
Benjamin Bischoff
Product Lead
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