How marketing agency Storm saves time with digital expense management

Talking with Hendrik Wimmenhove (Finance Manager) at Storm Digital (Now part of Accenture Netherlands)
Consultancy agency
>100 employees
Finance department
Storm Digital is a growth marketing agency from the North of the Netherlands. With over 100 consultants, multiple branches and clients such as ABN Amro and KLM, Storm Digital is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the Netherlands.

Storing receipts, printing out excel forms, filling them out, attaching the corresponding receipts and handing them over to the relevant manager. Both Pieter-Paul van der Meer (Head of Digital Marketing Technology) and Hendrik Wimmenhove (Finance Manger) thought there must be a better way. Due to the growth of the organization, the number of receipts increased steadily. The consultant travels all over the country and regularly work at the client’s office. Travel expenses, overnight stays and business lunches can be claimed. 

The previous process was a great source of frustration. The consultants collected all their receipts and bundled them at the end of the month, because submitting a simple claim was too cumbersome. The result: a long wait for the refund and a peak moment for the financial administration to process it all. 

With Klippa, employees now submit their claims directly and on location via the app. The manager of the team in turn approves them and then finance makes sure that the receipts end up in the right places in the bookkeeping. Instead of manual processing, this is now done with just a few clicks through the direct link to the accounting in Exact Online.

“The choice for Klippa was made based on two important points. First of all, a digital expense process ensures peace of mind in the team. With the scan and recognition function, submitting a receipt is really as easy as taking a picture. Secondly, the involvement of Robert-Jan, co-founder and product specialist of Klippa. He gave us strong guidance from start to finish and gave good advice on how we could best implement Klippa”, says Pieter-Paul, Head of Digital Marketing Technology at Storm Digital.