OCR for legal documents

The volume of legal documents that have to be processed is bigger than ever. With our smart data extraction API and SDK, automatically processing contracts, bylaws, chamber of commerce registrations and many other legal documents just got easy! 

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Send your documents to our legal documents API.
Klippa converts documents to text, classifies the document type, identifies important data fields and converts documents to structured data.
You get all the data you need within seconds.
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Automatic legal documents processing via smart data extraction

Lawyers and other legal staff are constantly working with a wide variety of legal documents. These documents can vary from for example contracts and bylaws to financial documents and chamber of commerce registrations. Documents are processed to check for compliance, to verify legal validity and extract certain data like dates, names, signatures and more. The smart data extraction and classification solutions from Klippa can help you get a better overview of legal contracts, safe time on processing and reduce cost at the same time. We introduce OCR and machine learning to the legal world.

What are the use cases for OCR on legal documents?

There are many legal use cases that are relevant for OCR, data extraction and classification. Some of the common cases involve M&A, identifying risks, getting a clear overview of all contracts, becoming or staying compliant, performing audits faster and cheaper and many more.

What is the importance of searchable text for legal documents?

Legal documents are usually multi page documents containing relatively complex text in high volumes. This makes it hard to get a good overview of the content of legal documents, specifically in bulk. This results in sample based reviews of legal cases and important details are easily missed. Lawsuits are won and lost on details, so you want to make sure you have access to all the information you need instantly. By using OCR on legal documents, Klippa can convert documents such as contracts to searchable text. From there it is as easy as using Google to find contracts and pages that contain specific keywords or phrases. Risks are easily identified, data is extracted and audits can be done much faster.