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What we can do with price tags

Our machine learning technology can automate many price tag processes via our APIs and SDKs.
Price tag scanning
Format conversion and scan quality improvement
Image to text, CSV, XLSX or JSON with OCR
Data extraction
Classification of price tags and product categories
(Cross) validating data

Price tag extraction

An image speaks more than a thousand words. Below is an example of the three steps our OCR engine takes to automatically extract data from retail price tags. In this example a supermarket price tag is used, but this can be any price tag from any type of store.

Uploading price tag images to our OCR & data extraction API

The first step is providing a picture or a PDF file of a price tag to our API. This is typically done from a mobile app or a web application.

The document can be sent cropped or uncropped (with background). If the scan is sent uncropped, the Klippa API will automatically crop the document using bounding box detection. The Klippa price tag scanning SDK can also be used in mobile apps to ensure good quality input.

Image to text using OCR

As soon as a picture or PDF is received, it is converted to a TXT file by our engine. In this step all the text from the document is extracted, but not yet structured.

Getting JSON output from the API

The Klippa Parser takes the TXT gained from the OCR in step 2 and converts it into structured JSON using machine learning. The JSON is then returned as output from the API. From here the price tag can easily be processed into your database. Whether you are scanning & processing price tags for loyalty programs, inventory and category analysis, data gathering or competitor analysis, Klippa is here to help!
Reduce cost
Spend less on processing price tags by using Klippa.
Improve speed
Process price tags automatically within seconds. Perfect for orders and more
Reduce errors
Prevent manual data entry errors with high quality data extraction on price tags.
Prevent fraud
Automatically recognize errors, duplicates and fraud.
What fields are extracted via price tag data capturing?
Next to the detection of bounding boxes and image cropping, Klippa can extract data fields from the images. Below the default extracted data fields are listed. These can be customized for each customer. Additional fields can be extracted on request and classifications can be added. 
Store name
Product description
Product category
Volume price (price per kg / liter etc.)
Product price
Serial number and / or barcode
Discount percentage and price
And many more fields
Find duplicates via image hashing
Identify fraudulent images via crosschecks
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does price tag OCR cost?
The pricing structure for Klippa price tag capturing depends on the amount of fields and the document volume. Both pay per use and monthly licenses are available. Get in contact with our product specialists to get an exact quote.
What types of price tags are supported?
There are many different types of price tags in the world or even in one country. Our algorithms are trained on a broad variety of price tags, so many will work out of the box. In case you wonder if we support a certain structure or have any other question, feel free to contact us. We can always add training data to improve the data capturing on specific price tags.

Did you know that apart from price tags, Klippa OCR can scan other types of financial documents, such as invoices, receipts, purchase orders, and debit and credit cards
Can Klippa convert price tags images and video to CSV, XLSX, XML or JSON?
Yes we can. Klippa takes videos or pictures of price tags, or even their PDF equivalents, and converts them to readable text using OCR. From there we use machine learning to turn the text into structured data. Most of the time we use JSON as an output format, but depending on your preferences we can also convert images of price tags to CSV, XLSX or XML.
What kind of clients are using Klippa?
Klippa’s engine extracts as much data as possible from price tags via OCR and machine learning. We support many different types of clients and use cases, because our engine is so versatile. 

It is most commonly used by retail and software clients who processes a lot of price tag data, gathered from in store visits. Use cases are often product placement research, regional price analysis and competitor / category pricing analysis for supermarkets, clothing stores and other retail locations.
What languages does Klippa support?
All European languages are supported. Our engine performs best in English, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. Other languages can be supported on request, we’d just need to train our machine learning models.
Is Klippa price tag capturing GDPR-compliant?
All the services that Klippa offers are fully GDPR-compliant. By default, we use ISO-certified servers within the European Union for processing. If you are not located within the EU, we can also set up servers in a region of choice. 

Next to that, a data processor agreement is in place. We do not store any of your or your customers’ data after processing. 

In most cases, no personal data will be processed when processing price tags. If no personal data is processed, GDPR-compliancy is not relevant. 
Can Klippa provide classification for price tag images?
Yes we can. Next to scanning, OCR and data extraction, Klippa also provides image and data classification services using our machine learning and deep learning algorithms. The image can be classified based on for example image quality, but also for image contents such as specific products, colors, brands and even product and price categories. 
What machine learning techniques are used for price tags image recognition and OCR?
Klippa uses a combination of multiple techniques to extract data from price tags.

The first step is a deep learning algorithm to detect bounding boxes which comes from the field of computer vision. Klippa leverages this technique to identify and crop price tags from images from for example super market shelves. As soon as this is done we perform OCR to identify what text is written on the cropped images.

When we have identified all text, we use natural language processing (NLP) to determine which text has what meaning. By looking at words and characters we automatically determine what text belongs to the description, what numbers to the prices, volume and serial number for example.

In the end, our backend processes this information into a JSON output that is easy to process for our clients. 

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