White Label 
Expense Management
Combine your company’s strengths with Klippa’s technology and offer your customers a unique experience. A fully customizable solution for mobile and web.
Fully customizable solution available from €50,000
Powered by Europe’s #1 OCR technology

Trusted by 1000+ brands worldwide

White Label Expense Management, how does it work?

Combine your company’s strengths with Klippa’s technology and offer your customers a unique experience in your premium White Label solution.

We create a premium solution entirely in your corporate identity

Within the development process, you are the one in charge of the application. We ensure that your customers have a unique experience in a state-of-the-art solution.
Customizable solution for a unique experience
Available from €50,000 + a license fee per year

We optimize your solution and team for maximum results

Before launching, we make sure your solution is optimized for maximum results. We also make sure your team has the necessary knowledge to get started.
Optimized solution to suit your needs
Full training for your own onboarding and support
Technical support from Klippa’s product specialists

Launch your White Label solution and offer a unique experience

Your platform will be launched with full support from Klippa’s product specialists team. This allows you to offer your customers the ultimate solution with a unique experience.
Custom cloud possibilities
Integration capabilities through GraphQL
Variety of integration options

Premium solution

Offer a premium solution without spending time on development

Unique look

Be unique as a company through the fully customizable white label solution

Easy to integrate

Integrate the white label solution with your preferred accounting system

Premium expense management solution in own corporate identity

Fully customizable solution for your business goals
Premium design with endless possibilities
Built-in OCR with the highest recognition rate
Automatic fraud prevention and smart business rules
Product specialists who strive for the best results
Let's talk over the phone!
We love to explain more about Klippa via a short phone call. If you want us to call you back, just choose a date and time that suits you best. If you leave the date and time empty we will call you within 30 minutes!
We are available for calls in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch during office hours (CEST time zone). You can reach us at +31 50 2111631.

Easy to integrate with the software that powers your business

Looking for more integrations? Check all integrations or get in touch.

For developers

Written in Golang en Angular
GraphQL integration for API manipulation
Custom cloud possibility arranged by Klippa
Technical support for flawless onboarding
OCR software

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the colors, logos and design be customized?
Yes, you can!
In our white labels you have full control over the logo, colors, design and even functionalities.
Does Klippa deliver custom features?
Klippa can indeed build custom features for your white label on request. This does influence the time to market and pricing of our solutions. 
What is the time to market?
The time to market depends on the amount of custom work that needs to be done. Without major custom work white labels can be delivered in 2 months after signing the contract. This can move upwards to 6 months if a lot of custom work is required. 
How about GDPR and security?
Klippa is completely GDPR compliant. Therefore our solution is suitable for use inside and outside of Europe. 

Security is very important to Klippa. Therefore we only work with secured connections, have automated backups, firewalls, encryption and other security measures in place. Third parties perform penetration testing to verify our security. On request our security documentation can be provided. 
What are the hosting options?
Public cloud, private cloud and on premise.
Our infrastructure is build on Kubernetes and docker to ensure scalability and easy deployment. You can run your white label on our Microsoft Azure servers, in a private cloud or even on premise. Server locations can also be customized on demand. By default our white labels run on our Microsoft Azure cloud in Amsterdam.  
What integrations does Klippa have?
Klippa has over 10 integrations
Klippa is build on a very flexible API. Therefore we can connect with any third party API. Out of the box we have over 10 integrations with accounting systems like SAP, Netsuite, Xero, Quickbooks and many more. On request others can be added. 
What does a white label cost?
Our white labels are very flexible and can be configured based on your needs. Therefore it is very hard to give a price estimate before exact requirements have been discussed. At the very low end take a setup fee of at least €15.000 into consideration. This is without any other customization than logo and color change and only includes the webapplication. When customizations and a mobile app are required pricing quickly goes upwards. To get an exact estimation please talk to our experts.