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Synchronize User Data with User Management Systems

Seamlessly integrate user management systems with Klippa SpendControl to ensure secure access and provide single sign-on.
Simplified Single Sign-On from directory services
Integrations with User Management systems like Okta & Azure AD

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What is User Management?

A user management platform allows you to manage and control user identities within your organization’s systems and applications. It streamlines tasks such as user authentication, authorization, and access control to ensure the right individuals have the appropriate permissions and accesses.

Simplified User Authentication

Centralized user management for secure user authentication
SCIM protocol to synchronize account data with systems
Save time spent on managing individual user credentials

Efficient Authorization Control

Gain precise control over user permissions and access levels
Track user activities and maintain compliance 
Easily adapt to new user roles, access rules, structures
OCR software

Streamlined Access Management

Manage user access from a single platform
Ensuring that users are granted or revoked access in time
Quickly and securely access required resources

Klippa integrates with Okta

Okta is a cloud-based User management platform that allows you to securely manage user identities and synchronize with various systems. Okta makes it easy to ensure data security and streamline user management processes.
Secure user authentication
Efficient user onboarding and offboarding
Safety and convenience at the core
OCR software
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