Utility meter reading OCR & data capturing

Simplify the reading and processing of utility meter images and data, by using smart OCR and machine learning solutions. Process utility meter readings safely and quickly with Klippa. 
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What we can do with utility meters

Our OCR & machine learning technology can automate the processing of utility meter readings and performing data entry via our utility meter SDK.
Utility meter scanning and recognition
Image format conversion and scan quality improvement
Utility meter data extraction to text, CSV, XLSX or JSON with OCR
Data extraction on all types of meters
Classifying the type of meter
(Cross) validating utility meter data

Utility meter reading data extraction

An image speaks more than a thousand words. Below is an example of the three steps our OCR engine takes to automatically extract utility meter readings from captured photos.
Reduce cost
Spend less on extracting utility meter data by using Klippa.
Improve speed
Process utility meter data automatically within seconds. Perfect for the energy industry.
Reduce errors
Prevent manual data entry errors with high quality data extraction of utility meter data.
Prevent fraud
Automatically recognize errors, duplicates and fraud.
Which utility meters can you scan for data extraction?
Below is a list of meters for which you can use utility meter data extraction. This is not an exhaustive list, but depends on what the client requires.
Electricity meter
Smart meter
Gas meter
Water meter
Heat meter
And many more types of meter
Identify fraudulent data via Photoshop detection
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does utility meter OCR cost?
The pricing structure for Klippa utility meter data capturing depends on the amount of documents. Both pay per use and monthly licenses are available. Get in contact with our product specialists to get an exact quote.
What utility meter data formats are supported?
There are different data formats for status report on utility meters. For instance, there is the difference between dials and numeric meters. Then there might be a difference in the unit types, but the most common are KiloWattHour, cubic meters and liters. In case you wonder if we support a certain utility meter data format or have any other question, feel free to contact us.
What kind of clients are using Klippa?
Klippa’s engine extracts as much data as possible from utility meter pictures via OCR and machine learning. We support many different types of clients, but this solution is mainly used by companies in the governmental, water, energy, insurance and housing sector.
What type of meters does Klippa support?
We support a wide variety of utility meters. From traditional rotary analogue gas, water and electricity meters up to modern digital utility meters, pressure meters and heat meters. Certain styles of rotary meters are also supported.

Did you know that apart from utility meters, Klippa OCR can scan other types of data fields, such as work orders, menu cards and CoC numbers? Contact us for more information.
Is Klippa utility meter data processing GDPR-compliant?
All the services that Klippa offers are fully GDPR-compliant. By default, we use ISO-certified servers within the European Union for processing. If you are not located within the EU, we can also set up servers in a region of choice. 

Next to that, a data processor agreement is in place. We do not store any of your or your customers’ data after processing.
Can Klippa convert utility meter images to CSV, XLSX, XML or JSON?
Yes we can. Klippa takes pictures of utility meters and converts them to readable text using OCR. From there we use machine learning to turn the text into structured data. Most of the time we use JSON for this, but depending on your preferences we can also convert documents to CSV, XLSX or XML.
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