How Klippa Helped Play North Process More Than 10K ID Documents Monthly

Discover how online gaming company Play North was able to speed up its onboarding process by 73% using Klippa DocHorizon.
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150,000+ users

About Play North

Play North is a Maltese online gaming company that offers a secure betting platform to its users. Founded in 2018, the company quickly made a name for itself and obtained a Dutch online gambling license. Play North has four online casino brands that are all about offering safe and hassle-free Igaming experiences: Pikakasino, Rocket Casino, Kiirkasiino, and Kansino.

Play North’s Challenge

While Play North’s resources and customer base have developed over time, its former document processing software has not. The previous solution lacked the presence of reliable customer support, which made it difficult to process ID documents and onboard new users efficiently. Also, the software didn’t live up to their expectations:
Speed: The document processing times were too long
Accuracy: The accuracy level of the previous OCR was mediocre
Customer support: Customer support was missing, making the implementation and maintenance of the OCR solution a burden
While the previous solution was able to extract data from identity documents, the overall process was too time-consuming and inefficient. By all means, Play North grew out of its existing document processing solution, therefore creating the need for an upgrade. This upgrade meant switching their OCR provider and opting for Klippa’s Intelligent Document Processing solution: DocHorizon.

New and Improved Onboarding Process

By choosing to incorporate Klippa DocHorizon, Play North not only managed to cut back on processing times but also ensured their user onboarding was in alignment with GDPR requirements.

So what does the new process look like?
When a new player wants to register for one of Play North’s products, they have to go through the onboarding process on their mobile phone or the web application.
In the Play North app, the user is asked to take a picture of their identity document.
The picture is then uploaded to Play North’s platform, used to create the account for the player.
Klippa’s OCR extracts the data from the uploaded file, sending it to the company’s database.
And there it is! The process is simple, straightforward and helps Play North smoothly onboard its users, for the best customer experience. Klippa DocHorizon not only handles all necessary matters to make sure that sensitive information is protected, but also prevents underage users from obtaining access to Play North’s services.
Before uploading extracted data to the database, our software verifies the user’s date of birth, making sure the user is above the legal age. If the user is a minor, their access is restricted, ensuring good business practices for the company.
To comply with GDPR requirements, the user’s BSN, or social security number, is anonymized, therefore protecting sensitive information and complying with regulations.
Klippa DocHorizon is able to fulfill the needs of Play North in record time. By making use of smart OCR and AI technologies, Klippa is helping the online gambling company improve turnaround times in KYC checks, by processing an ID document in an average of 3 seconds.

Reaping the Benefits

A 73% speed improvement on the onboarding process is already great by itself. By simply switching their OCR provider, Play North is now able to offer their users:
Up to 98% data extraction accuracy, making the process of creating an account, effortless.
Swift onboarding process, supporting more than 10,000 identity documents per month.
Global coverage of identity documents from more than 140 different nationalities.
Great user experience, thanks to Klippa’s reliable customer support, ensuring a smooth implementation of the OCR within the existing platform.
“Klippa has not only helped us improve user onboarding but also helped us stay compliant with data privacy regulations. We achieved optimal advantages in both aspects.”
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