How Hotelinking Processes 20K+ ID Documents Monthly with Klippa

Find out how the Spanish front-runner in travel tech automated the check-in process for thousands of customers using Klippa’s OCR for identity documents.
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About Hotelinking

Hotelinking is a Spanish travel tech company that focuses on digitalizing the hospitality industry. The organization offers a suite of tools that automate everyday processes in hotels, such as check-in, payments, or hotel CRM. 

Since their launch in 2016, Hotelinking has helped more than 1000 hotels create a contactless experience for their guests. Be it registration or digital payments, the company has started to revolutionize the hospitality industry in Spain by employing automation. 

Pinpointing the Challenge

Before the launch of Hotelinking’s hospitality software solution, the company’s customers were still struggling with manually typing the data from the guests’ identity documents into their databases. This time-consuming task came with several downsides:
It was time-consuming and prone to errors
The workflow was slowed down and lacked efficiency
Processing different foreign identity documents was challenging at times
Checking the validity and authenticity of the documents caused difficulties
To overcome these challenges, Hotelinking searched for an automation solution. More specifically, they were searching to have a powerful and reliable OCR solution at hand, to accurately extract data. The company wanted to make sure that the OCR provider they would choose would be capable of processing identity documents from a large variety of countries, which made Klippa the perfect fit.

Automating Hotel Check-in with Klippa

With Klippa’s OCR solution, the front desk employees significantly reduce document processing times and accurately capture information, all in just a few easy steps:

Here’s how the process looks like now:
An employee scans or takes a picture of the identity document of the guest
The OCR reads the document, identifies the predefined fields, captures the information, and extracts it within seconds
To ensure accurate checks, our OCR performs MRZ checks for passports and ID cards. 
All the data is then sent to the database of the establishment, ready for use
Check the video below to see the passport scanning process in action:
Klippa’s AI-powered OCR solution helped Hotelinking automate the check-in process for thousands of their customers. Extracting information from identity documents is done smoothly and comes with several benefits to both Hotelinking and their customers:
Klippa’s global coverage makes it possible to process passports and ID cards from Germany, US, Canada, Spain, the UK and many more countries
Our OCR accurately captures data from identity documents, such as passports and identity cards
The custom data field extraction makes it easier to extract only specific fields from the identity documents needed to check in the guests, such as names, birth dates, and document numbers
It can be easily integrated into Hotelinking’s existing systems and applications, with seamless transitions, so the experience for the end user is not affected, but rather enhanced
Sensitive data, such as social security numbers, are masked, thanks to our data anonymization capabilities, which also comply with GDPR
Thorough identity document processing with accurate MRZ checks
Completely automated identity verification process
“With Klippa’s OCR, we never have to worry about long processing times or inaccurate data. The global coverage for identity documents has also been a great advantage, especially because we have clients from all over the world.”
Daniel Alzina Antich
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