Fast-Track Patient
ID Verification in Healthcare

Leverage AI-powered identity verification for healthcare and leave tedious paperwork, manual ID checks, and front-desk queues behind.
Increase patient satisfaction with seamless ID checks
Reduce your onboarding time by up to 70%

Trusted by 1000+ brands worldwide

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Embrace the Future of Healthcare with AI

Caught between the needs of overworked front-desk staff and frustrated patients? Time for a revolution. Reduce your workload with Klippa’s identity verification software, and focus on delivering top-notch healthcare. 

Prove Your Commitment to Patient Care 

Seamlessly integrate our software into your patient portal or app via API or SDK
to achieve fast and secure onboarding.

Swiftly Verify Patient Data
with Intelligent Software

Extract and verify data from ID documents from more than 150 countries in seconds
Automatically detect fraudulent documents with AI algorithms
Enable 24/7 digital patient onboarding

Automatically Protect 
Sensitive Patient Data

Instantly mask data fields containing sensitive information
Enhance trust by storing your patient data safely
Effortlessly comply with GDPR and HIPAA regulations

Onboard Patients Remotely
with Extra Safety Features

Add selfie verification to ensure a match with the ID picture
Achieve 100% accuracy with NFC checks

Make Your Onboarding Patient-Friendly 

Customize the onboarding flow for your healthcare portal. Let patients complete all necessary safety steps in minutes with automatic approvals. 

Start the identity verification process with the click of a button

Fully customizable layout
Fully customizable verification flow (switch steps on/off)
Cancel or go back at any time

Scan the front and / or back of identity documents once or twice

Realtime user feedback to ensure high-quality pictures
Front and back of documents can be scanned
Automated cropping and image enhancements

Enable users to approve picture quality and extracted data

Extract document data points
Extract document pictures and signatures
Extract MRZ and validate checksums

Use liveness check to avoid spoofing

Realtime feedback for better user experience
Liveness check with clear instructions
Secure your KYC-compliance

Take a high-quality selfie within seconds

Realtime user feedback for high-quality pictures
User suggestions to get non-smiling selfies
Selfie verification with identity document

Launch an app or website to continue the onboarding process

Customize messaging and layout
Possibility to automatically launch next step in journey
If ID verification does not succeed, reasons are specified

The Benefits of Smart ID Verification in Healthcare

Reduce Cost
Spend less money on processing identity documents.
Improve Speed
Automate and speed up patient onboarding significantly.
Prevent Fraud
Avoid spoofing and document forgery fraud with AI technology.
Enhance Compliance
Enhance your KYC & GDPR compliance with smart ID verification.

Verify a Variety of ID Documents with Klippa

Klippa’s ID Verification solutions support 500+ ID types in 150+ languages worldwide.

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

“It is extremely pleasant to work together with a party that is as ambitious as we are. The willingness and speed with which Klippa implemented specific modifications for us is impressive.”
Leon Backbier
IT Manager, Banijay Benelux
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do healthcare institutions need ID verification?

In the modern world, the healthcare industry is no longer just about helping your patients. With a rise of instances in insurance scams and identity theft, healthcare institutions can’t afford to be lenient during onboarding. 

But, since traditional identity checks take a long time, adding extra workload, it negatively affects overall patient experience and overwhelms your staff.

With smart identity verification software healthcare, you can ensure your safety, save time, and focus on what truly matters: the health of your patients.

What ID documents can be verified by Klippa?

We can process ID cards, passports and driving licenses. Check information for your specific country on our Global Identity Verification page.

Currently, we provide support for all Latin languages. Our software is already being used by clients all over the world to process many different types of documents.  

Klippa is continuously working together with clients to expand our document and language support.

How can I integrate Klippa’s Identity Verification Healthcare software?

Our API can be implemented into any into any software, web or mobile solution that you may be using. The main source of communication is JSON, so it is independent of specific programming languages.

Our mobile SDK has been built using native IOS (Swift) and native Android (Kotlin). This means they can be implemented into native apps, but they can also be wrapped for cross-platform languages such as Xamarin, ReactNative, Nativescript, Flutter, PhoneGap, Cordova, Ionic and more. 

Our web SDK has been built using React and can be implemented into any website or web application that supports Javascript.

Klippa’s identity verification software healthcare is made in a developer-friendly way. It is well-documented for both SDK and API. 

Does Klippa protect my data?

By default, Klippa does not store any customer data. Data is always processed under a data processing agreement (DPA) and all services from Klippa are compliant with GDPR

All data transfer is done via secure SSL connections. Our servers are ISO-certified and by default located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Getting a custom server on a location of choice is possible in any location worldwide.

On a regular base, our security is tested via third-party penetration testing to ensure state-of-the-art security at all times.