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Minimize Fraud with Bank Statement Verification

Manual bank statements verification can lead to errors or fraudulent activities. Implementing Intelligent Document Processing software, DocHorizonyou can streamline your bank statement verification with high precision and speed.

How Intelligent Bank Statement Verification Helps You?

Seamless Bank Statements Verification with AI

 With Klippa’s AI-powered bank statement verification, you can verify customers income in seconds.

Prevent Document Fraud with AI

Verify bank statements’ authenticity based on multiple factors
Enhance your regulatory compliance
OCR software

Onboard New Customers in Seconds

Extract Information within a few seconds
Process Bank Statement Accurately
Avoid unhappy customer onboarding flows

Enhance KYC/AML Compliance

Avoid any non-compliance fines 
Comply with KYC and AML regulation with ease
Safeguard your business’ reputation
OCR software

How Automated Bank Statement Verification Works?

Klippa makes the verification process simple, accurate and stress-free for you. Verify bank statements with a few steps.
Klippa passport ocr

Upload or scan the bank statement

The first step is providing a picture or a PDF file of a bank statement to our API. Usually this is done from a mobile app, email, FTP or web application. The document can be sent cropped or uncropped. 

If it is sent uncropped, the Klippa API will automatically crop the document. The background will also be removed by the software. 
OCR for passports TXT output

Extract text from bank statements with OCR

As soon as a picture or PDF has been received, each page is converted to a TXT file by using OCR. The OCR converts it to text format to get a readable version.

Now that we have readable text we can get the data structured using machine learning.
JSON output from passport optical character recognition

Parse the data into JSON output

The text file from the previous step is converted into a structured JSON format by default. However, other output formats such as CSV, PDF, XLM, XLSX are also possible. 

With our API, you have an extra option to anonymize all the privacy-sensitive data before the output is being processed into your system. This is to ensure GDPR and other regulatory compliance.

Validate the data automatically

The selected data fields are verified after data extraction to ensure that the bank statement is valid. Next to that, our AI algorithms are able to detect whether the bank statement has been tampered with. Klippa uses EXIF analysis to make sure that the bank statement is authentic. 

After the field validation is done, the API returns the output to your desired destination (database, ERP system, applications, etc).

Experience the Benefits of Onboarding with Klippa

Reduce Cost
Spend less money on processing bank statements.
Improve Speed
Automate and speed up customer onboarding significantly.
Prevent Fraud
Avoid bank statements forgery fraud with AI technology.
Enhance Compliance
Enhance your KYC & AML compliance with our software.

Which data fields can be extracted from a bank statement? 

Below the standard fields that can be extracted via OCR. On request, additional fields can be added.
Document type
Image quality
Bank statement vendor
Bank BIC code
Bank account number (IBAN)
Name and address of the bank holder
Date range
Starting balance
Final balance
Total amount debited
Total amount credited
Transaction lines with descriptions
And many more

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

“It is extremely pleasant to work together with a party that is as ambitious as we are. The willingness and speed with which Klippa implemented specific modifications for us is impressive.”
Leon Backbier
IT Manager, Banijay Benelux
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which documents can be used to verify income?

Many documents are used to verify income such as salary slips, bank statements and income tax bills.  

On which platforms does Klippa’s bank statement verification work?

Our API can be implemented into any web or mobile application of choice. The main source of communication is JSON, so it is independent of specific programming languages.

Our mobile SDK has been built using native IOS (Swift) and native Android (Kotlin). This means they can be implemented into native apps, but they can also be wrapped for cross platform languages such as Xamarin, ReactNative, Nativescript, Flutter, PhoneGap, Cordova, Ionic and more. 

Klippa was built by developers, for developers. Therefore we know the importance of good documentation. See our comprehensive SDK and API documentation for more information. 

What type of bank statements are supported?

Klippa can extract all information from bank statements using OCR. We support all latin languages. We provide out of the box support for major banks and provide custom support to other banks by training our existing machine learning algorithms. 

Did you know that apart from bank statements, Klippa OCR can scan other types of financial documents, such as credit card statements, payslips, and SEPA authorizations? Contact us for more information.

How long does processing bank statements with Klippa’s OCR take?

The speed of processing depends on the amount of pages and the document type. In general processing a statement takes a few seconds.

How is Klippa’s Bank Statement Verification solution priced?

Klippa works on a monthly subscription basis. The pricing depends on the number of documents you plan to process. High volume document processing results in a lower price per document.

 You can request a pricing quote here.

What about privacy & security?

By default, Klippa does not store any customer data. Data is always processed under a data processing agreement (DPA) and all services from Klippa are compliant with GDPR.

All data transfer is done via secure SSL connections. Servers are ISO-certified and by default located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Getting a custom server on a location of choice is possible in any location worldwide. On a regular base, our security is tested via third-party penetration testing to ensure state of the art security at all times.