Driver’s license parsing API as-a-Service (OCR)

Driver’s license parsing API as-a-Service (OCR)

Driver’s licenses first and foremost serve to identify drivers, but they can also serve as an ID. Identification can be used for writing checks, opening a banking account, using a debit or credit card, applying for loans and governmental benefits, etc. This means understanding and correctly identifying all the information on (foreign) licenses is important. Not just for people, but machines as well (through machine learning).

Time-consuming and error-prone

Scanned copies of driver’s licenses can be diffcult to figure out, especially when they are from a different country or are in a different language. Employees may end up spending too much time trying to decipher these documents. Even familiar licenses are time-consuming for companies such as car rentals and hotels, when employees manually enter the data into their ERP system. Each case may not take up a lot of time, but when you add up all the customers, the numbers might shock you.

Of course, there is a solution

Technology has always come to the rescue when it comes to repetitive and not very cognitively demanding tasks. Which is exactly what our driver’s license parsing API relieves your employees from. Our API solution has been tested excessively on IDs and passports. The average amount of time needed for the installation of our parsing API is less than a couple of hours and it is highly accurate and reliable.

How does our driving license parsing API work?

It is accurate, reliable and fast. The parsing itself takes a few seconds from start to end. It works like this: right after an employee takes a photo,  our OCR engine does a language check and a decisive quality check that has the authority to approve or reject the photo. The engine then transfers the data on the license into words and categorizes details such as name, surname, date and place of birth, etc. Our technology separates the unnecessary information from what is valuable for your business. It then produces a JSON output and notifies the relevant users.

Don’t believe us?

Nothing is more convincing than a visual demonstration. We have created a step by step presentation for you, to help you better understand the process. 

What data is extracted?

The answer is quite simple: our flexible OCR engine can extract any data you wish. Below should you find a list with all the different elements that we extract from driving licenses:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Date of Birth, Place of Birth
  • Date of Issue, Date of Expiry, Issuing Authority, Personal Number
  • License Number
  • Photograph of Holder
  • Signature of Holder
  • Address
  • License Categories
  • First Issuing Date of the Category
  • The Expiry Date of the Category
  • Restrictions (number coded)

Why parsing driver’s licenses is important

Employees spend countless hours doing manual data entry. Many people think that manual data entry is the most accurate way of transferring data from the physical to the digital realm. They couldn’t be more wrong. Humans make mistakes when computers don’t, and computers work faster too. That’s right, our technology speeds up the administrative process by up to 70%. Who wouldn’t want that?

Our parsing solution

Are you in need of more technical information? Our OCR experts are happy to guide you through our solutions in a 30-minute demonstration. You can find a time schedule below. We don’t mind customizing our products, so even if you have a unique inquiry, feel free to contact us.

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