Junior Data Specialist

As a Data Specialist, you will have a front row seat in improving our OCR technology by teaching our AI to better recognize information and identify patterns. The data you annotate brings our AI models closer to perfection, making our clients even happier than they already are.

Klippa is constantly developing, and so are you as part of the Data Annotation Team. Are you one of the Junior Data Specialists we are looking for? Then keep on reading and join our team in Brasov, Romania!
What will you be doing?
A new client wants our OCR to automatically pick up all of the information accurately for their specific needs? Sure! We will annotate accurately and timely one or multiple datasets on which the AI team will train a new model for that specific purpose. 

We like to mix it a little bit! We always have more than one project that we are currently working on. While some projects are ongoing, others have a defined timeline. 

But you might be wondering what data annotation means. Put simply, in order for the AI to better recognize information and identify patterns, it needs specific instructions based on examples. As part of the Data Annotation Team, we provide the AI with labelled information clearly specifying what type of information we are aiming for it to recognize, how that information looks like and where it can be found. 

As part of our team, you will also: 
– Keep in close touch with the AI Development Team regarding project specific topics. 
– Take part in project-specific calibration meetings meant to improve annotation efficiency and accuracy. 
– Provide feedback and offer suggestions regarding process/software improvement when possible. 
– Take part in training meetings and feedback sessions which have the overall goal of providing you with the necessary tools for constant improvement and continuous personal development. 

Who are we looking for?
At Klippa, teamwork makes the dream work! We are an active, young and close-knit team. We are always there to help each other out and never back down from a challenge. We speak our minds freely especially when we see that something could be improved. We are quite a driven bunch, always looking to improve ourselves! 

Would you like to join a team like ours, as a key-member? Do you also enjoy working with data on a daily basis? 

We would like our new colleagues to: 
– Have a good command of the English language 
– Be both detail-oriented and results-oriented 
– Have some administrative/back-office/accounting experience (desired but not required) 
– Work full time at our Romania office. 

Who are we? 
Founded in 2015 and active in countries all over the world, Klippa is a fast-growing IT scale-up. We started out as a start-up specialized in digitizing paper receipts, but we now offer numerous services in automated document processing. We developed our own OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that allows us to scan and process any type of document automatically, from invoices to passports. It is our mission to use the very best technology to relieve people from having to do tedious administrative tasks. We make work more enjoyable, we prevent errors and fraud, we reduce costs and we enable organizations to focus on their core business. 

Our goal is to use the very best technology to relieve people from having to do tedious administrative tasks. We try to use machine learning techniques as much as possible with the aim of continuing improvement. We promote freedom and responsibility and expect our people to care about our company, product, clients and goals. We believe that teams achieve more than individuals: we succeed by working together.

What do we offer?
We offer you a place where there’s room for your creativity, entrepreneurship and development. As part of Klippa, due to our open culture and flat organization, you are encouraged to always speak your mind freely. A pleasant working environment is important at Klippa. That is why fun activities are regularly organised, such as our Klippa team event every month.

Furthermore, you can expect: 
– A competitive salary. 
– Christmas and Easter bonuses. 
– Private Health Insurance and Meal Tickets. 
– A yearly education budget. 21 holiday days and 9 national holiday free days per year. 
– Open culture and flat organization that is growing rapidly. 
– A visit to the Dutch office in Groningen in the first year, because we are going to be 1 team!

Want to get in contact?
Are you the enthusiastic data specialist we’re looking for? Send your application as well as any questions you might have to Davis via [email protected].