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Looking to inspire your audience with the current state of Microsoft Copilot? DataNorth provides live Copilot demos, tailored to your audience.
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Microsoft Copilot Live Demo at DataNorth

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What you can expect from our Copilot demonstration

Copilot Live Demonstration Introduction

Introduction of the agenda and DataNorth

We start our demonstrations with a 5-minute introduction

During our introduction, we explain to the audience what the agenda will look like, who DataNorth is, who the person presenting is and how we gained our knowledge on AI and Microsoft Copilot specifically.
Copilot Live Demonstration Introduction

Background on Copilot and LLMs

After our introduction, we will provide a detailed 10-minute background on Microsoft Copilot. We highlight its connection to OpenAI, the sophisticated Large Language Models (LLM) that power it and delve into the fundamentals of the machine learning (ML) technology.

The background will also feature three practical use cases for Microsoft Copilot, each tailored to your unique audience.
Copilot Live Demonstration Background
Copilot Live Demonstration

Customized Inspirational Copilot Demonstration

Get ready for the highlight: our 30-minute live demo of Microsoft Copilot! 

This live demo session, tailored to your company or audience, will display the (advanced) capabilities of Copilot. We show how Copilot integrates in Microsoft products and how to fully utilize it’s potential. 

During the demo there’s an interactive segment for audience participation. Experience firsthand what Copilot can achieve today!
Copilot Live Demonstration

Future Outlook on Microsoft Copilot

After the live Copilot demo, we’ll spend 15 minutes discussing its capabilities and limitations, alongside its anticipated advancements. 

We’ll explore how Copilot is set to revolutionize working in the digital Microsoft 365 environment.

This segment is also tailored to your audience’s unique requirements, ensuring relevance and engagement.
Copilot Live Demonstration Future Outlook
“With our experienced team of experts, 
we can provide you with the best Copilot demonstration.”
Menno Fokkema
Managing Consultant, DataNorth

Get Your Live Copilot Demo

Looking for an inspiring, educational, or awe-inspiring experience about Copilot? Choose DataNorth’s live demos.
Our demos are available both in-person and digitally, our demos cater to companies, governments, schools, events, and conferences. We ensure each demo is tailored to meet your specific needs and audience.
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Inspirational Copilot Live Demo
Inspirational live demo showing the future of work, with Microsoft Copilot.
Approximately 60-minute duration.
Both digital and on-location options available.
Optional travel & lodging expenses excluded.
Also available for US clients at $
Add-on: Custom Live Demo
Have the demo tailored to your organization, topic and/or audience.
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