Klippa offers document processing, classification and data extraction solutions for the accounting sector

Bookkeeping software, ERP software and even challenger banks are processing major amounts of receipts, invoices and other financial documents for accounting purposes. Our smart document solutions help to maximize processing efficiency and minimize cost for you and your customers.

Klippa OCR API

Fast text recognition and data extraction
Supports a wide range of documents, such as receipts, invoices, and more
Submit files 24/7 via API
JSON output for efficient communication
Easily integrated into accounting, ERP or banking software

Klippa Scanning SDK

Sophisticated mobile document scanning
Easy document digitization within seconds
Capture data from all financial documents
Reliable, fast and robust technology
Supports Native iOS and Android apps
OCR software
SpendControl Phone Station

Klippa SpendControl

All-in-one financial management solution
Expense management & invoice processing
Award-winning solution for financials
Powered by Europe’s #1 OCR technology
Save up to 70% of processing time

Trusted by 1000+ brands worldwide

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