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Ensure timely payments and reduce administrative hassle with automated expense management.
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Happy Employees with Easy Claims

Say goodbye to long waiting periods and tedious paperwork. Make your employees happy with getting their money back in no time.

Take Full Control Over Spendings

Take charge your company’s spending by implementing a seamless approval process that saves time with automated transfers and improves financial oversight.
OCR software
Expense Dashboard

Navigate Your Finances Effortlessly

Effortlessly manage and control your expenses with our user-friendly expense dashboard built in a visually appealing and intuitive interface.

Made to Integrate with

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Credit Card Statements

Hassle-Free Reconciliation

Accurately and efficiently reconciliate your credit card statements. Save time, reduce errors, and gain peace of mind as you effortlessly reconcile your accounts with ease.

No More Out-of-Pocket Costs

Get a grip on your employees expenses and say goodbye to out-of-pocket costs with company cards. Get a complete expense card system with tracking, limits, and more.
OCR software

Synchronize All User Data in Seconds

Benefit from single sign-on and secure access by integrating user management systems with Klippa SpendControl. 

One Platform For All Your Finances

Experience the power of Klippa SpendControl to automate all your financial processes. Our solution offers a range of possiblities and integration capabilities to serve all the needs of your finance teams. 
Exchange currency at the daily rate or set your own rate
Submit travel expenses via Google Maps integration
Automatic extraction of data with OCR
Dedicated cloud storage for saving files up to 10 years
Fast turnaround time resulting in happy employees
Classify, label and sort expenses
Multi-currency support for global business
Smart self-learning booking suggestions to save time
Automated approval process for quick and safe processing
Create rules around expense policies for compliance
Use groups and assign different rights to users
Authorization flows for advanced approval options
Choose between 
variable or fixed approval sequences
User-friendly and visually appealing dashboard
Real-time statistics for better financial decisions
Export to formats such as XLSX, CSV, XML, UBL and PDF.
Mobile application and online web environment
Integrate the solution with ERP or accounting software
Expense and invoice management in one solution
Digital credit card reconciliation capabilities
2-way matching to compare data with statements
Insight into costs, projects, departments, etc.
Synchronize with your current accounting software
AI-powered OCR engine to extract and verify data
Automate data entry tasks and processes
Synchronize user data via automated user management
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Why Financial Teams Choose Klippa SpendControl

correct data extraction by Klippa’s OCR
of time saving on processing
insight into your operational expenses

Clear Prices, No Secrets

At Klippa, we like to keep our pricing simple. Our expense management software module is available in three pricing plans. The perfect solution for everyone.

A solid start for digital expense management with Klippa.

The optimal expense solution with fraud detection and an account manager.

A fully customized expense solution that is tailored to your needs.
€4 /user / month
€5 /user / month
Compare the features
Submit through app, website and e-mail
The best OCR technology of Europe
Storage in the cloud
Use of categories, cost centers, cost units & projects
Reimburse travel expenses with the Google Maps integration
Approvals on web & app through digital workflows
– From €50 per month
Implementation of expense policy via advanced business rules
Personal support via chat, e-mail and phone
Integration with standard bookkeeping system
– From €50 per month
Automatic fraud detection
Dedicated account manager
Automatic VAT reclaim
Match creditcard statements automatically
Custom connections and access to the Klippa API
User sync, Single sign-on and/or 2FA
In-app company logo
Custom SLA
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With Klippa SpendControl, our internal expenses and our purchase invoices are digitally registered, approved and processed in one user-friendly cloud environment.
Tim Lorijn
Financial Director @Label A
Because of the ease of use of Klippa, we now save 90% in turnaround time and give the finance department more insight and control over the entire expense management process.
Leon Backbier
IT Manager @Banijay Benelux
Employees now submit their claims directly and on location via the app. The managers in turn approve them and finance makes sure that the receipts end up in the right places.
Hendrik Wimmenhove
Finance Manager @Accenture

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

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