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Looking to use ChatGPT in your business, but don’t know how? The DataNorth ChatGPT Assessment helps identify the potential of ChatGPT.
ChatGPT assessment done by our team of AI experts
DataNorth is leader in identifying ChatGPT opportunities for businesses
ChatGPT assessment by DataNorth

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How Our ChatGPT Assessment Works

In our ChatGPT assessment we take a four-step approach. First evaluating your organization, then pinpointing AI opportunities in your processes and evaluating potential risks. We finish the assessment with delivering a final report with clear insights.

Let’s unlock the potential ChatGPT has for your business.
ChatGPT assessment - Organization Evaluation Donut Chart

Organization Evaluation

Our AI-experts start with a week long evaluation process of your company and it’s processes
We interview the board/MT, IT department and 3 other departments of your choice

Identification of Opportunities

After our organization evaluation our AI experts analyse your current company processes
During the analyzation we identify the most promising opportunities for automation using ChatGPT
ChatGPT assessment - Identification of Opportunities Donut Chart
“With our experienced team of experts at DataNorth 
we provide you the best ChatGPT assessment.”
Menno Fokkema
Managing Consultant, DataNorth
ChatGPT assessment - Risk Assessment Donut Chart

Risk Assessment

Our experts evaluate the possible threats of using ChatGPT
We do a risk assessment using our ChatGPT Readiness model
We assess the data quantity & quality for safety measures

Final Reporting & Consultation

We provide a comprehensive report based on the evaluation
We include insights and possible use cases of ChatGPT in your organization
A final consultation will be provided by our experts at the time of report delivery
ChatGPT assessment - Reporting & Consultation Donut Chart

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The DataNorth ChatGPT Assessment
A one week process of evaluations & risk assessments in your board/MT, IT and 3 other departments.
A comprehensive report with recommendations on AI opportunities for all five departments.
A final consultation by our experts based on the assessment report.
Also available for US clients at $
ChatGPT training & workshop for 10 employees. Tailored to your business.
Both digital and on-location options available.

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DataNorth: Unlocking AI Opportunities for Your Organization

ChatGPT is changing the way we work. Exploring the opportunities of ChatGPT in your organization can be hard. That’s where DataNorth comes in. We help organizations like yours to explore the opportunities AI and ChatGPT provides with the our ChatGPT assessment.

Besides our ChatGPT assessment, we provide training & workshopslive demonstrations and custom AI model development.
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