Start spending more time on things you love with Klippa Pro!

Perfect for financial administration of the self employed and SMEs. Use it internally or with your accountant. With Klippa you will never lose a receipt again. 
Never lose your receipts and invoices again
Digitize your receipts and invoices with the Klippa App. Simply take a photo with your smartphone or forward emails to the app. With Klippa Pro you will never lose a document again, because all your documents are safely stored in the cloud.
Easy to share
Share your administration with business partners, colleagues or your accountant by sharing folders or by using handy export options (PDF, CSV, XLSX or UBL).

Spend more time on the things you love

Klippa Pro includes automatic text recognition (OCR), which means all relevant information on invoices and receipts is digitized. No more manual data entry! Keeping track of your expenses and administration will go five times faster, giving you more time to spend on things you love!
Easy submission of your VAT return
You can file sales invoices, purchase invoices  and receipts in Klippa Pro. Submitting your VAT return becomes a no brainer. Filter for the right quarter, export your data et voilà: an overview with all your sales and expenses, including the right VAT categories and percentages.

Over 25.000 happy users

The automatic text recognition feature in Klippa makes my administration much easier!
Sander Janssen

Klippa is a handy tool to store all my invoices and to keep a clear overview of my financial administration.
Frank Verheggen

Great app to submit my business expenses. It saves a lot of time.
Vi Nguyen
Consultant at Storm Digital


Scan your receipts with the Klippa app. Upload invoices in the web app or mail them to your unique Klippa email. 
Automatic text recognition puts an end to manual data processing.
Categorize your receipts and invoices in folders and use handy tags.
Share your files with your business partners, colleagues or your accountant. 
Export to formats such as XLSX, CSV, UBL and PDF.
Use the search option and set filters to find receipts and invoices.
Customize your account to your preference with diverse settings.
All your files are safely stored in the cloud and are accessible 24/7.
Spend more time on things you love. Start with Klippa Pro! 

Klippa Pro

Storing and processing receipts and invoices is a no-brainer with Klippa Pro. Optical character recognition (OCR) automatically processes all your documents. Export to PDF, CSV, XLSX or UBL in just a few clicks and share your financial administration with your business partners and accountant.

Klippa Basic

Klippa Pro
€3,99 /month
or €34,99 /year
Compare the features
Unlimited storage of receipts
Use folders and tags
Share receipts and folders
Add subscriptions, amount
and merchant
Export to PDF
Add payment method
Export to XLSX, CSV en UBL
Automatic text recognition
File business travel expenses with Google Maps
Support per chat, phone and mail

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for Klippa Pro?
Yes, Klippa Pro is paid service. You can start with a free trial of 7 days. After the trial period, Klippa costs  €3,99/month or €34,99/year.
Is there a monthly plan?
Yes, after your free 7 day trial you can either chose for a monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly subscription costs 3,99. 
Is there a yearly plan? 
Yes, after your free 7 day trial you can either chose for a monthly or yearly subscription. The yearly fee is €34,99.
What is the cancellation period?
You can cancel your Klippa Pro subscription at any time. Please check out our helpdesk for further instructions. 
How does the text recognition work?
The underlying technology in Klippa Pro is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). You can easily turn this feature on in the settings. After each scan our software will process your picture and provide you with the relevant data such as VAT, date, total amount, and merchant.
Please feel free to ask all your questions.
Get in touch by mail, phone or chat!

Administration app for the
self employed and SMEs

Simplify and organize your administration with Klippa Pro. For only €3,99 per month or €34,99 per year we automatically process all your sales invoices, purchase invoices and receipts in your bookkeeping. Share your administration with your accountant by sharing specific folders or by using handy data exports. Make an end to the administrative hassle and start spending more time on the things you love!