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Simplified Mileage Reimbursements with Klippa SpendControl

Speed up the process of submitting and processing mileage claims with our Google Maps integration and custom approval flows. 
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Travel Expenses Made Easy

Forget about the hassle of manual mileage tracking and receipt processing. 
Take charge of your travel expenses with Klippa SpendControl.
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Minimize Paper Receipts with Automated Mileage Claims

Discover smooth mileage tracking via our Google Maps integration. Allow users to simply pick the starting and ending points of the trip while Klippa SpendControl calculates distance based on the fastest route. 
Submit travel expenses via web & mobile app
Plan and declare multiple trips at once
Receipt scanning

Why Financial Teams Choose Klippa SpendControl

correct data extraction by Klippa’s OCR
of time saving on processing
insight into your operational expenses

Increase Employee Satisfaction with Swift Reimbursements

Speed up your approval management by routing travel expenses to the right personnel. Moreover, set custom compensation rules, like allowance per kilometre based on specific users, administration or category.
Automatically approve travel expenses of fixed value
Easily book expenses to your accounting or ERP software
Business travel expenses reimbursement
Financial insights

Monitor Your Travel Expenses Anytime, Anywhere

Level-up your expense management by maintaining complete control over your company’s spending with a dedicated expense dashboard.
Gain 24/7 access to real-time financial data
Set custom metrics that matter to your business
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Klippa allows us to digitally register, approve, and process expenses and invoices in one user-friendly cloud environment.
Tim Lorijn
Financial Director @Label A
With Klippa, we now save 90% in turnaround time and give the finance department more control over the expense management process.
Leon Backbier
IT Manager @Banijay Benelux
Employees can now submit their claims directly via the app. Managers approve them, and finance ensures proper receipt allocation.
Hendrik Wimmenhove
Finance Manager @Accenture

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Klippa SpendControl have authorization workflows?

Klippa SpendControl is equipped with multi-level authorization flow capabilities. Expenses are automatically routed to the assigned manager for approval. An approved claim ends with the finance department, which handles the processing and payment. 

For more specific workflows, companies can utilize business rules to define how certain expenses should be processed.

For example, you can specify that mileage claims under 20 euros are automatically approved or that a claim over 100 euros goes past the manager or the CFO.

Is it possible to claim expenses obtained in foreign currency?

When the employees submit transactions in foreign currency, SpendControl applies auto-conversions through its exchange currency feature.

Our system identifies the date of purchase and uses the exchange rate from that day, calculating the equivalent value in your local currency. 

Does Klippa support custom mileage rates?

Yes, with Klippa SpendControl, companies can determine different mileage rates based on specific users, administration or categories.  

This feature allows organizations to manage departmental budgets, differentiate between business trips in personal or company vehicles, set rates for local and long-distance travel and much more.

Is it possible to register recurring business trips in advance?

Yes, with Klippa SpendControl, employees can declare multiple trips at once and register their recurring business travel in advance, eliminating the need for repetitive mileage registration for daily commutes.

Can Klippa SpendControl integrate with my accounting or ERP system?

Klippa SpendControl offers plug-and-play integrations with many accounting and ERP systemsCompanies that use other accounting and ERP platforms can integrate with SpendControl using an API connection. 

In addition, Klippa offers intelligent export-import files to create journal entries for accounting and ERP software without API.