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ChatGPT Consulting Services

DataNorth helps organizations around the world maximize ChatGPT’s potential. We achieve this by offering a range of services, guaranteeing personalized guidance for your needs.

Let’s unlock the potential of ChatGPT for your organization.
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20-hour Consultancy Package: Expert help where you need it

Looking to enhance your ongoing or future ChatGPT-powered project? Our 20-hour consultancy package provides you with the expertise you need for success. 

Whether you have questions, need assistance with find opportunities, or simply require an AI expert’s viewpoint, we’ve got you covered.

ChatGPT Training & Workshop: Getting started with AI 

Can’t wait to dive into the world of AI and ChatGPT but not sure where to begin? Our ‘Introduction to ChatGPT’ training & workshop is the perfect start of your journey.

Gain valuable insights into ChatGPT’s capabilities and work together with our experts. Discover what opportunities ChatGPT has for your organization. Learn more.
AI expert giving a ChatGPT workshop
“The training was excellent and the consultant was well-prepared. DataNorth helped us understand how ChatGPT works. Getting the prompts together would take us an eternity, but with DataNorth’s help it was easy. We’ve been utilizing ChatGPT every day since the training.”
Matthew Avellino
CEO, AC Risk Management Inc.
A live demo of ChatGPT

Inspirational Live ChatGPT Demo: Get inspired by experts to use AI

Want get your employees or audience excited about ChatGPT? Our team of experts at DataNorth specialize in live ChatGPT and AI demonstrations. 

Get a customized demonstration tailored to your specific audience. Show the transformative power of ChatGPT and see what it can do for you. Learn more.

ChatGPT Assessment: Identify the opportunities and risks of ChatGPT

Ready to start your AI journey but unsure of the first steps? Our fully customized ChatGPT Assessment is designed to find the opportunities with most impact for your organization.

By evaluating five key departments, our experts will identify both opportunities and risks. We finish with an exhaustive report and a final consultation to guide you forward integrating ChatGPT.
Learn more.
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We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

Our solutions can be developed for both cloud and on-premise deployment.

Get Your ChatGPT Consultation

Start using ChatGPT today! Get ahead of your competitors with our ChatGPT consulting services.
Whether you’re focused on automating content creation, enhancing natural language-based applications, or extracting valuable insights from text data, our team of experts help you in harnessing the power of ChatGPT.
Also available for US clients at $
20-hour Consultancy Package
Make use of our 20 hours ChatGPT consulting services
Consultancy by our DataNorth AI experts
Getting started with ChatGPT or get help for live or in-development ChatGPT projects
Need more ChatGPT consultancy hours?
Contact us for a quote.
Also available for US clients at $
‘Introduction to ChatGPT’ training & workshop for 10 employees. Tailored to your business.
Both digital and on-location options available.
Optional travel & lodging expenses excluded. 
Also available for US clients at $
Inspirational live demo showing the future of work, with real-world ChatGPT use-cases. Tailored to your audience.
Both digital and on-location options available.
Optional travel & lodging expenses excluded. 
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How Obligo Increased Business Efficiency with ChatGPT

Discover how fintech company Obligo is elevating efficiency and streamlining processes using ChatGPT. Through the ChatGPT demo and assessment, Obligo enhances its operational performance.
200+ hours saved per week
20+ opportunities recognized
5+ ChatGPT plugins identified
Let’s unlock the potential of your organization together with ChatGPT consulting!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI developed by OpenAI that generates human-like text based on user prompts. It uses a model called GPT to understand context and produce responses, ranging from answering questions to writing content. This makes it a versatile tool for various language-based tasks. 

Want to enhance workflows and processes in your organization with ChatGPT? Contact us to learn more about our ChatGPT consulting services or book a live demo to get inspired.

How does ChatGPT work?

ChatGPT uses a model called GPT to process input text, understand context, and generate relevant responses. It learns from a large dataset of human language, enabling it to predict and produce text that matches the input’s intent and style, making it capable of handling diverse language-based tasks efficiently.

Learn more about ChatGPT and large language models with a ChatGPT training & workshop session tailored to your organizations needs.

What is ChatGPT being used for?

ChatGPT is used for a wide range of applications, including customer service through automated chatbots, content creation for articles and social media, education as a tutoring and learning tool, programming assistance by generating code snippets, language translation, and even entertainment by crafting stories or engaging in creative writing.

Curious about the possibilities of ChatGPT within your organization? With ChatGPT consulting by DataNorth, practical use cases are identified and seamlessly integrated into your current workflows