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Our Healthcare Chatbot Solution

Our AI-powered chatbot solution for healthcare enables organizations to utilize the power of AI in a safe and secure way. From reducing waiting times and identifying urgent cases more quickly, to providing information to patients with non-critical questions. Our team of AI experts helps you to to create a chatbot that fits your needs and objectives.

What are the Key Benefits?

Having a custom AI Chatbot created for your Healthcare organization can have some important benefits. A few examples of benefits are:
24/7 availability: The AI Chatbot is designed to assist patients with simple, non-urgent questions. This helps to avoid issues that may arise during normal business hours and be there after business hours. Prevent long waiting and/or automate the scheduling of appointments.
Reduce waiting times: Well trained AI chatbots can answer questions much faster, and sometimes, better than a human assistant would be able to in a short time. Tailor-made chatbots can be programmed to recognize patients in need of urgent assistance and redirect those cases to a doctor immediately. 
Improve patient satisfaction: With the increased possibilities of AI, healthcare chatbots have an impressive capacity to understand patients’ needs, offering them the right information and help they are looking for in non-critical situations.

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How Does it Work?

An AI Chatbot for your Healthcare Organization

In four steps our team of AI experts design and create a safe and secure AI chatbot that fits the specific needs and objectives of your healthcare organization.
Flow of a chat in a Healthcare setting
Define your Objectives
Our team of experts, together with you, first start by outlining the objectives of your organization. Important to create a Chatbot to exactly fits your needs.
Design and Create the AI-powered Chatbot
After the objectives are clear, our AI engineers start designing and creating the AI chatbot. Gathering information, setting parameters, train a model to create a chatbot that fits your organization.
Train & Test
After the first version of the Chatbot is finished we start with additional training and testing of the Chatbot, ensuring it understands your objectives. This to guarantee high performance.
Deploy & Optimize
Finally, we deploy the custom-made Healthcare focused Chatbot to the desired places. We can provide future support based on your evolving needs.
DataNorth’s Healthcare Chatbot made it able for our patients to ask questions and get answers to non-critical questions 24/7. This improved the satisfaction of our patients significantly.

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