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What Is The AI Chatbot Solution?

Our intelligent chatbot, powered by GPT-4, is your 24/7 virtual assistant, ready to engage with your customers, address their questions, and boost satisfaction. 

What Are The Results?

Implement your own intelligent chatbot for seamless customer service, avoiding long response times and frustrated customers.
80% Faster Problem Solving: Custom AI-driven chatbots that lead to faster and more efficient problem-solving.
Customer Service 24/7: Our AI chatbot can handle all your customers’ inquiries at once, providing instant customer service around the clock.
Personalized Customer Interaction: Your customers receive a specific answer to their particular problem.
Save 70% in Resources: Integrating a custom AI chatbot powered by GPT-4, the technology behind ChatGPT, saves time and money.
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Trusted by 1000+ brands worldwide

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How Does it Work?

Seamless Customer Service in 4 Simple Steps

Stay ahead with industry leading customer service. Choose our GPT-powered intelligent chatbot to streamline your customer service tasks for faster and more accurate responses. 
Secure Integration
We integrate the GPT-powered chatbot with your database in a secure manner to keep your data safe.
Chatbot Training
The AI chatbot is trained on your data to respond to customer inquiries with accurate company information.
Deploying the Chatbot
Once the AI chatbot is trained on your data, we help you set it up and implement it within your systems.
Enjoy Seamless Customer Service
No more delays and errors, providing instant and streamlined customer service 24/7.
“We’re thrilled with the AI chatbot! It’s revolutionized our customer service, providing quick, precise responses 24/7.
Our customers love the personalized interaction with the bot. It’s a game-changing innovation for our organization.”

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

Our solutions can be developed for both cloud and on-premise deployment.
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Offer prompt 24/7 service to your customers and clients with your own GPT-Powered chatbot.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What data sources do you use to train the chatbot?

We can train the chatbot on various data sources of your liking. Some of the more common ones are Word, PDF files, Google Drive, company website, and many more.

In the end, it comes down to your preferences and what data you think is important for the chatbot to be able to answer customer questions. If you’re unsure about which data you should consider, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

How do you ensure that the chatbot stays up-to-date with new information?

We can connect the AI chatbot with your servers, making sure that the chatbot is constantly fed with updated and new information.

However, if you prefer, we can configure the chatbot to use a static, predefined knowledge base, updating it only at intervals you choose.

What languages do you support?

Currently, DataNorth supports all Latin languages. Our engine performs best on data in English, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and French.

However, other languages can be supported on request. We’re open to training our machine learning models. If you have a specific case, don’t hesitate to contact us.