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Prepare for the huge shift that AI is going to bring to your organization with our Computer Vision training & workshop. 
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Computer Vision Workshop & Training Content

The DataNorth Computer Vision training consists of a 4-hour training day with a theoretical and a practical part. The training is custom-made and can cover various AI topics like Machine Learning, 
Deep Learning, NLP, Data Annotation and OCR. Afterward, participants will gain practical experience and learn how to effectively use computer vision models, including best practices and common mistakes to avoid.

Computer Vision Training Part 
(2 hours)

Data Preparation (Collecting, Cleaning & Preprocessing)
Essential Feature Selection & Extraction
Building your first Computer Vision model
Computer Vision model – Training & Testing
Computer Vision model – Visualization & Representation
Computer Vision model – Deployment
Accuracy Improvement
OCR software

Computer Vision Workshop Part 
(2 hours)

DataNorth demonstration of 3 computer vision use cases, relevant to your organization & audience
Assess your current way-of-working & look for improvement
Learn a traditional Data Preparation process
Group brainstorming session to explore potential applications of AI within your organization
“With our experienced team of experts, 
we can provide you with the best AI consulting services.”
Menno Fokkema
Managing Consultant, DataNorth

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Mass adoption of CV will bring major changes to your organization. Be prepared and train your people to harness the power of Computer Vision. Improving your efficiency and competitiveness. 
Also available for US clients at $2900
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Computer Vision Training & Workshop – 1 Day
Workshop ‘How to use computer vision models’, 
tailored to your business & audience.
4 hour day, with a 2 hour training and after a short break a practical 2 hour workshop.
A maximum of 10 employees per group. Multiple / bigger groups are possible with multiple trainers.
Both digital and on-location options available.

Optional travel & lodging expenses excluded. 
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