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Deep Learning Training & Workshop

Prepare for the huge shift that Deep Learning (DL) is going to bring to your organization with our Deep Learning training & workshop. 
Given by our team of Deep Learning experts
Proven track record in helping businesses automate tasks with DL
Deep Learning Training & Workshop

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What to Expect in Our
Deep Learning (DL) Workshop & Training

Our ‘Introduction to Deep Learning’ workshop offers a 4-hour deep dive into Deep Learning led by one of our DL experts. Dive into the history of Deep Learning, explore its applications, and brainstorm potential solutions that incorporate Deep Leanring in your company.

Understanding Deep Learning:
Basics and Advanced Concepts

Answering the question; “What is Deep Learning?”
Deep-dive into the history of Deep Learning algorithms
Detailed overview of Neural Network Architectures and Training Methods
Discuss the advantages and challenges Deep Learning brings
Talk and get more information about the risks of DL
AI Expert giving Deep Learning workshop
AI Expert showcasing Deep Learning

Showcasing Deep Learning:
Real-world Uses Today

Discover the latest trends in Deep Learning technology
Exploration of various industries benefiting from Deep Learning today
Hands-on demonstration of Deep Learning use cases, relevant to your organization & audience

Implementing Deep Learning: Utilizing DL in Your Company

Individual assignments to familiarize yourself with Deep Learning algorithms and neural networks.
Understand how to mitigate risks when implementing DL
Group brainstorming session to explore potential applications of Deep Learning within your organization.
AI expert implementing Deep Learning
“With our experienced team of experts, 
we can provide you with the best DL consulting services.”
Menno Fokkema
Managing Consultant, DataNorth

Get Your Deep Learning Training & Workshop

Mass adoption of DL will bring major changes to your organization. Be prepared and train your people to harness the power of Deep Learning. Improving your efficiency and competitiveness. 
Also available for US clients at $
Deep Learning Training & Workshop – 1 Day
 Workshop ‘Introduction to Deep Learning’
A 4 hour interactive workshop given by one of our DL experts
Interactive workshop for 10 attendees
Both digital and on-location options available.
Optional travel & lodging expenses excluded. 
Also available for US clients at $
Add-on: 10 Additional Attendees
Add an additional 10 attendees to the interactive workshop
A second Deep Learning expert will join the workshop
Per attendee
Only available in The Netherlands
Add-on: External location, including lunch
Have the interactive Deep Learning workshop in a location of your choice
A lunch after or during the workshop is included
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