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Utilize the potential Copilot brings to your business using Microsoft 365. Gain easy in-depth insights and make fast decisions. 
Powered by Microsoft Copilot.

Run by a team of Microsoft Copilot experts
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Copilot Consulting by DataNorth

Don’t know how to fully make use of Microsoft Copilot? DataNorth provides Copilot consulting to meet your business goals. From consultancy packages to specialized trainings and demos, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s unlock the potential Copilot has for your business.
Consultant giving expert help with using Microsoft Copilot

20-hour Consultancy Package: Expert help where you need it

Need help using Copilot in your day-to-day work? With our 20-hour consultancy package, our team of Copilot experts help you succeed. Ask questions, get inspiration, or get help creating prompts to ask Copilot the right questions.

Copilot Training & Workshop:
Getting started with Microsoft Copilot 

Want to get started with Copilot, but don’t know how? Our team of Copilot experts can help you get started with our Introduction to Copilot’ training & workshop. Get Copilot training and work together to figure out how it can help your organization today! Learn more.
Consultant giving a Copilot training & workshop
“With our experienced team of experts, 
we can provide you with the best Copilot consulting services.”
Menno Fokkema
Managing Consultant, DataNorth
A demo on a laptop

Inspirational Live Copilot demo:
Get inspired by experts to use Copilot

Looking to inspire your employees or audience with the current possibilities Microsoft Copilot offers? Our team of experts at DataNorth provide live demos about Microsoft Copilot. Demos will be tailored to your specific audience. Learn more.

Copilot Assessment: Identify the opportunities and risks of Copilot

Want to implement Copilot, but don’t know what opportunities it has for your business? With our fully tailored Copilot Assessment, our experts identify the most impactful opportunities Microsoft Copilot has for your organization.

We achieve this by evaluating 5 departments and identifying opportunities and risks. We finish with a comprehensive report and final consultation. Learn more.
A consultant doing a Copilot assessment identifying opportunities and risks

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

Our solutions can be developed for both cloud and on-premise deployment.

Get Your Microsoft Copilot Consultation

Don’t wait any longer! Get ahead of your competitors using our Copilot consultation.
Whether you’re looking to spend less time in your mailbox in Outlook, want to get rid of writing formulas in Excel or spend less time creating presentations in Powerpoint. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.
Also available for US clients at $
20-hour Consultancy Package
Make use of our Copilot Consultancy services for 20 hours
Consultancy by our DataNorth Copilot experts
Get started with Copilot, inspired to use it in your current workflows, help engineer prompts, and much more!
Need more Copilot consultancy hours?
Contact us for a quote.
Also available for US clients at $
‘Introduction to Copilot’ training & workshop for 10 employees. Tailored to your business.
Both digital and on-location options available.
Optional travel & lodging expenses excluded. 
Also available for US clients at $
Inspirational live demo showing the future of work with Microsoft Copilot. Tailored to your audience.
Both digital and on-location options available.
Optional travel & lodging expenses excluded. 
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