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Prepare for the huge shift that AI is going to bring to your organization with our ChatGPT training & workshop. 
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ChatGPT Training & Workshop

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What to Expect in Our
ChatGPT Workshop & Training

Our ‘Introduction to ChatGPT’ workshop offers a 4-hour deep dive into ChatGPT led by one of our AI experts. Dive into the history of AI and ChatGPT, explore its applications, and brainstorm potential solutions that incorporate ChatGPT in your company.

Understanding ChatGPT and AI: About ChatGPT and the history of AI

Answering the questions; “What is AI?” and “What is ChatGPT?”
The history of AI and deep-dive into ChatGPT
More about prompts and prompt engineering
Discuss the advantages and challenges ChatGPT brings
Talk and get more information about the risks of ChatGPT
AI Expert giving ChatGPT workshop
AI Expert showcasing ChatGPT

Showcasing ChatGPT:
Real-world Uses Today

Discover the latest ChatGPT trends in the market
Exploration of various industries benefiting from ChatGPT today
Demonstration of ChatGPT use cases, relevant to your organization & audience

Implementing ChatGPT:
Using ChatGPT in your company

Individual assignments to get familiar with ChatGPT and prompt engineering.
Understand how to mitigate risks when implementing ChatGPT
Group brainstorming session to explore potential applications of ChatGPT within your organization.
AI expert implementing ChatGPT
“The training was excellent and the consultant was well-prepared. DataNorth helped us understand how ChatGPT works. Getting the prompts together would take us an eternity, but with DataNorth’s help it was easy. We’ve been utilizing ChatGPT every day since the training.”
Matthew Avellino
CEO, AC Risk Management Inc.

Get Your ChatGPT Training & Workshop

Mass adoption of AI will bring major changes to your organization. Be prepared and train your people to harness the power of ChatGPT. Improving your efficiency and competitiveness. 
Also available for US clients at $
ChatGPT Training & Workshop – 1 Day
Workshop ‘Introduction to ChatGPT’, tailored to your business & audience.
A 4 hour interactive workshop given by one of our ChatGPT experts
Interactive workshop for 10 attendees
Both digital and on-location options available.

Optional travel & lodging expenses excluded. 
Also available for US clients at $
Add-on: 10 Additional Attendees
Add an additional 10 attendees to the interactive workshop
A second ChatGPT expert will join the workshop
Per attendee
Only available in The Netherlands
Add-on: External location, including lunch
Have the interactive ChatGPT workshop in a location of your choice
A lunch after or during the workshop is included
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a LLM (Large Language Model) developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like text in a conversational context.

Learn more about ChatGPT in our blog: What is ChatGPT and why does it matter to your business? 

What is prompting?

Prompting, in the context of ChatGPT, refers to the act of submitting a text query or “prompt” to the GPT-model powering ChatGPT.

After providing ChatGPT a prompt it will processes this input to generate a relevant, human-like text response.

Prompting is the primary method for communicating with ChatGPT.

Is there a risk when using ChatGPT?

Using ChatGPT doesn’t directly pose a risk, but when using ChatGPT it’s important to understand what data OpenAI collects and how that data is used and stored. This is important in the aspect of data privacy and data security.

In short, OpenAI collects data like prompts, chat conversations and account details. This data is mostly used to train the GPT LLM model that drives ChatGPT and the prevention of hallucination or harmful content generation.

If you want more information about this topic. Read our ChatGPT & Data Privacy blog.

What are ChatGPT use cases?

ChatGPT has a diverse range of use cases that span across various industries and applications. Some of the most common uses include customer service automation, content creation, data analysis, and natural language understanding tasks. 

A DataNorth use case is for example “ChatGPT Database Integration,” which involves connecting the language model to a database to perform tasks such as data retrieval, analysis, and entry.

What is prompt engineering?

Prompt engineering refers to the practice of optimizing the text queries or “prompts” submitted to ChatGPT. The goal is to get more accurate, relevant, or nuanced responses. 

Prompt engineering can involve altering the phrasing, structure, or keywords in the prompt to better guide the output of a model like GPT-4.

Prompt engineering is often used in both research and practical applications. It’s done to improve the performance of a LLM for specific tasks, such as data extraction, content generation, or problem-solving.  

How do I start using ChatGPT?

As part of our ChatGPT workshop and training, we assist your organization in getting started with ChatGPT.

This involves conducting a brainstorming session during the workshop, where we challenge everyone to identify workflows within the organization that could greatly benefit from using ChatGPT.

Following the workshop, we can assist your organization in developing a path for implementing and utilizing ChatGPT through our AI strategy development services.
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