How Fintech Company Obligo Increased Business Efficiency with ChatGPT

Learn how ChatGPT is elevating Obligo’s department’s efficiency and streamlining processes
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About Obligo

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Obligo is changing the way rentals work in the United States by offering an alternative to traditional security deposits. Using cutting-edge AI and open banking technology, the company removes the need for renters to pay a large security deposit upfront.

“We recognized a problem in the rental market that needed solving,” says Obligo’s CEO Roey Dor, making life easier for both tenants and property managers.

Instead of a standard security deposit, renters pay a small monthly or one-time fee. In return, Obligo guarantees landlords coverage for any damages or unpaid rent up to a certain limit. This approach not only attracts more potential tenants but also simplifies administrative tasks for property managers, streamlining the entire rental process. 

The Obstacles to Company-Wide ChatGPT Integration

Obligo aspired to implement ChatGPT across all departments—ranging from Marketing and Sales to Customer Success and Customer Service. Their goal was to maintain a competitive edge and offer educational tools to every department.
We were excited but cautious about adopting ChatGPT as the ‘new way of working’ across the board
Roey Dor
CEO Obligo
Citing challenges such as:
Securely integrating ChatGPT to safeguard personal information  
Limited familiarity with ChatGPT
Uncertainty about which plugins to use
Inefficient usage of ChatGPT in daily operations
Gaps in training and support resources
Inadequate metrics to measure ChatGPT’s effectiveness
Intrigued by the boundless possibilities that ChatGPT could bring to their various departments, Obligo decided to seek out a consulting partner specializing in ChatGPT. They found the expertise they were looking for in DataNorth, aiming to identify new opportunities and streamline the adoption process.

A Customized Pathway to ChatGPT Mastery

Worker refurbishing products at JC-Electronics

Building on Obligo’s enthusiasm for ChatGPT’s potential, a two-step program was initiated to facilitate its integration. The program started with a company-wide demo followed by a comprehensive ChatGPT Assessment.

The program began with an interactive ChatGPT Demo that not only energized the company with “lots of Oohs and Aahs” but also showcased a live demo-built Obligo Chatbot, capable of answering all employee questions. The engaging session taught employees to craft effective prompts and utilize ChatGPT plugins. 

Beyond the demo, we analyzed customer reviews, offering insightful proposals for improvement, and providing insight into how ChatGPT can benefit various departments.

Following the demo, our DataNorth consultants met individually with each department to examine their current tech tools and work processes. This allowed us to provide personalized advice, focusing on the unique needs and challenges of each team. The program concluded with a presentation of our findings to the board.

Measurable Gains from ChatGPT Implementation

The ChatGPT Assessment and Workshop served as a catalyst for Obligo, empowering the organization to realize its primary objective: to comprehensively understand the potential of ChatGPT and how it can be seamlessly integrated across various departments and processes.
The goal was 100% achieved
Keegan St. Onge-May
VP of Marketing at Obligo
hours saved
per week
opportunities recognized
ChatGPT plugins identified
The experience has been transformative for Obligo, positioning them as a leader in AI adoption and innovation. 
We strongly believe that AI will transform the way companies think about efficiency, and perhaps more importantly, this initiative was about our employees’ personal growth. Their future employers are not going to care whether or not they are proficient in Microsoft Office. All they will care about is how familiar and proficient they are in using AI tools.
Roey Dor
CEO at Obligo
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